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The week we have been waiting for

The week we all in the IFL have been waiting for is upon us. The Generals will host the Cutters in what is sure to be a smash mouth physical football game, many people will voice their thoughts on this game as well they should I mean this is the championship game, this is the game that some of you started working to reach in mid winter, this is what you gave up camping trips with your family this summer for, this is the final game this year since there isn't an all-star game and this time the champuionship game is going to be in Indy which means everyone can drive to it in a reasonable amount of time.
There isn't anyone in the IFL that doesn't know what this game is all about hoisting the Bushman trophy high at the end of the game.
This game will be a major part of your memories for the rest of your life so enjoy this week and enjoy the game on Saturday. This is why you play the game, why you risk injury that could maybe keep you from providing for your families, in the end I really hope it is a close and exciting game as last years game was a super game and those who saw it came away knowing they had just seen a classic football game that will be hard to match.
I don't want to hurt feelings but I do believe the Cutters will win the game they are playing their best ball of the year and they really enjoy winning on the road I believe they will be the ones holding the Bushman trophy Saturday night and I would predict the final score will be 27-19.They have the most to play for since they really hate that the Generals beat them at home earlier this season and just from reading things on this site it seems they also have a score to settle and do not want to lose again to the Generals.
It really doesn't matter who wins both of these team derserve a shout for their fine seasons and for making to the championship game.
Gentlemen remember nothing in life is certain this may be the last time some of you ever put on a helmet or pads and play this game some will hang the cleats up because it simply is the time to do so and some will have to because the body just can't take the punishment anymore. Play with game with respect and remember all those who could not be there with you win or lose be proud of yourself!!

Re: The week we have been waiting for

It's okay if you doubt us. We've been doubted before and emerged victorious. This is the fuel that feeds my team week in and week out. I invite everyone to doubt the Indiana Generals, because you'll see just how good we are this weekend. Best of luck Cutters, be safe on the trip up.