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First I want to say congratulations to the Force on a win. By far the most physical Defense we have see all year.

I also want to say when 4 of your players helped carry our player off with the stretcher, it was by far the best show of sportsmanship I have see all year.

Good Luck next weekend.

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Thanks JJ, it was an awesome, clean game and just an awsesome feeling to be back on the field. Great class fellas and good luck next season, as for the Bearcats I cant wait to finally make the long exhausting trip to Evanville lol looking forward to it, cya guys sat.

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mc pirates,
Thanks for the great game. I was hoping we would have the chance to play against u guys, and it was ALOT of fun!! The whole cannon thing sacred the hell out of me at the beginning of the game....WOW!! I wasn't expecting that..lmao. Hope the injured player heals ok and his wife wasn't too upset at him..she didn't sound happy on the phone when he was talking to her when I was on the field with Until next time..take care.

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I talked to Baker on Sunday morning. Nothing was broken and the folks at the hospital put everything back in place. As for Mrs. Baker...

Also, I want to reiterate, you and the Force are the greatest group of guys that I have seen in a long, long time plus, you don't play too bad either :-)

Good Luck next week

Coach Dane Hill

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That means a lot coming you Coach Hill. This team is all about sportsmanship and we know how it feels to see one of our players laying there and the other team laughing. I know everytime I play the pirates it is a good clean game and I hope to see u guys in the future. Thanks once again.

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To bad the PIrates sucked this year. They ran off half their fans, and their players have no respect for each other or their coach.

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Former Fan,
I don't think you know what your talking about. Our fan attendance has been up overall for the year. On top of that your take on our team chemistry is far off. That is unless you are a former player or friend of a former player. In that case, your personal emotions are directing your anger in the improper place.

Marked up another lesson learned, the few distractions we had left at the end of the year will not be welcomed back on the ship next year. They are not needed or wanted anymore.

Thank you to all our fans and our players for your support and dedication week in and week out. we will be back next year, with more numbers and ready to compete again for another opportunity to finish the trip to the 'ship.

And a special thank you to Coach Dane Hill and Coach B. We had the most unique set of challenges this year and thank you for your dedication and willingness to motivate us thought the worst of times and moderate us through the best of times.


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Does the "SatinLatin" still play for the pirates??


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He retired last year but still can be seen walking around on the sidelines from time to time.

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No, not a player. Just a concerned parent. I brought my kids to two of your games and all the cussing and arguing I saw on the sidelines. How do you explain that to a 5 yr old who just wanted to watch a game at a "FAMILY EVENT"! Totally uncalled for. I am not surprised you all lost. In my opinion you all deserved it.

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Former Fan, I am an offensive lineman for the pirates, I would like to appologize to you for some of our teammates. I am sorry that you and your children had to see or hear that kind of behavior from what are supposed to be grown men having fun. We tried to keep the language under control but some of our players/ex-players were hard to handle. Sort of like kids, just because you tell them no, doesn't stop them. We will try and work harder next year to inforce this on the sidelines, and at any event we have. You are right this is a family event and we as a team do not want the few bad seeds to ruin what we as a team are triing to accomplish. I hope that if you come and watch us in the future you will have a different opinion. We do try to maintain a classy organization. Carlos Sauri #52...

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Hey former fan, why don't you and your kids go live in a bubble away from the real world. The whole world is going to be full of things that you don't want you kids to hear. What happens when you take your kids to a pro sporting event and their favorite player starts cursing? Your kids should be looking up to you as an example of how to live their lives. If someone is doing something wrong around your kids, at any given time, they should look and say at least my parents aren't like. Now stop acting like we are out here playing flag football, because we are not. This is an emotional sport and tempers fly sometimes. Maybe I should say, "Sorry that we are not perfect like you and was being a positive role models for your kids. Next time we will watch our mouths." No next time that your kids to a chess match. Oh and thanks for supporting us this year.

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I would like to reach out to the former fan and ask a question without being a former player or being very close you would not even know about this site?? Since as a Coach I really didn't know about it until like the second week of the season.

We had some unique things this year but we look to move forward next season I will be the first to apologize if you were offended at any time by our players or coaches.Yes we had a few side line issues and I was the cause of one of them.But this is Football not Tennis.

It is a shame that there were really no posting on here by Pirate players all season but for a NO NAME PERSON to bring up some BS.

Also Good luck to all the teams left in the MFL Playoffs

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Concerned parent.

While we try to conduct ourselves in the best of manners, this is football. It is a physical, aggressive, and emotional game. Things do get heated on the sidelines and that is no different then any college, semi-pro, professional game.

There are many options to seating at our field. There are bleachers right next to our team, and ones near the endzone away from team.

If you would like, please contact me via e-mail and I will refund your ticket cost.

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Coach Hill,

Thanks for the update on Baker, so gladhis arm was not broken at least not from the game, now once mrs. Baker gets ahold of!!
Thanks for the props on the sportsmanship!! We as a team have set our goal to play the game with as much class as possible, and have as much respect for other teams players and fans as we do for our own players and fans. Total respect for the game and all who play the game, while at the same time playing good, clean,hard hitting football!!
Hope to see u guys again in the future, I loved the team pride I saw exhibited by your team from start to finish, till next time we meet....take care

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ya it was a great game except for the throwing penalty that got called on me lol