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Thank you!

I am homenow and was told to check both email and the site, and wow, this was really cool to read!

I was not really allowing much to be said about how I felt on here, but I did want my wife to send out some texts so none would feel a fell off the face of the state and was off my j-o-b.

I truly thank you all for the prayers, emails, texts and so forth. I am about 80 percent and will be at full force again soon.

Once again, I and my family thank you all for the support.

And congrats to my soldiers that drove the Tank to the championship, and hats off to the machine who made it a real battle!

You guys are the best, seriously!


Re: Thank you!

You slackers are all the same. Get a little cough and a drippy nose and the next thing we know you are taking up valuable bed space in some hospital hoping that Obama gets his health care reform bill passed so
you get another free week of cable TV and sponge bath's.

Glad you're feeling better and tell Mrs. Vince that this is what football is all about. One big family pulling for everyone. Let me know if there is anything we can do to help.

Mike K