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End of Season Rankings - Team Grades

The end of the year is here and it is time to announce the final 2009 State Rankings. The top 5 have given me a real hard time as there has been no real clear cut winner. Will it be the IFL Champions Cutters? Will it be the Generals or the Undefeated MFL Champions Bearcats? Or will the Tornadoes keep their top spot?

I hope everyone enjoyed this year. The site has kept me more informed than ever before about teams and leagues in our state, and yes there are more that the MFL and IFL. It seems so have others as we have had 9,785 visitors, and 28,550 hits so far this year. I plan on continuing to run the site next year and beyond. I hope to add even more features as times moves on.

Shameless plug. Please click on an ad and help us pay for the cost of running this website this past year and into the next. You don’t have to buy anything, you don’t have to stay on the site, just click on the link, let the page load and hit the back button.

On to the rankings Click here to see the State Rankings

Re: End of Season Rankings - Team Grades

First I want to say I love your website! It has been lots of fun to see what you have done to bring some excitement to semi pro ball, but as far as not having any big road game does it get any bigger than playing "the favorites" on their home field? Also, if you watched the first game at our house it was clear then that we controlled that game and played way better than they did, they just made the big plays when it was needed.

Again, dont get me wrong I think what you have done is excellent and I love looking to see what is going on every week, but I wanted to voice my opinion. The better TEAM won the championship hands down.

Re: End of Season Rankings - Team Grades

Thank you JC.

I am glad this site was fun and entertaining. It wasn't really designed to be that but its an added bonus.

This site was made to inform everyone on everything semi-pro football in Indiana. I bet before this site, not too many people could name off each team in the state.

We do a poor job overall of marketing ourselves. So teams do a better job than others, but still I have to explain what semi-pro football is to many people that I meet. You would think with 20+ teams more people would know more about us.

Type in Indiana Semi Pro Football and this site is near the top of google. I figure the more people find out about semi-pro football, the more players we all have on our teams, the more teams we can support, and the better all of our competition gets. Isn't that something we all can support?

Re: End of Season Rankings - Team Grades

Nothing but love for what you do...

I do agree with the Lake County Steelers being at the bottom of the barrell but I would think that if you were to put out for public display that

"The Steelers forfeited their games at the end of the season and seem like they are not returning next year."

I would take it that you have spoken to ownership...and since I'm a part owner and know for a fact that you havent spoken to me or Mr Crowder, I would like to know how you came up with the possiblity of "not returning next year".
Now I have been a silent owner of the Lake County Steelers for the past 6 years and after last years debacle I have decided to step out of the Shadows to try and bring a respectable program to the table. Having said that, I am asking that you please change your statement in regards to not returning next year. Hell recruiting is hard enough, but to have a link to a website that states we wont be returning dont sit well with me.

The Lake County Steelers failed to get a written contract with Valporaiso University in regards to a Field. 2 weeks before kickoff, Valpo, pulled a trump card and could only offer us 1 date of the 4 requested. Also, players failed to meet their obligation in which the owner felt it would be eaiser to forfiet a game rather than go deeper in debt. Even with the forfieting of the 3 home games, the Steelers still had a $2500.00 negative income...."Players need to fill their obligation as much as the owners"

But let me say this....The Lake County Steelers will be playing in the MSFL in 2010...and if a field hasnt been announced by the 1st of May...the Steelers have a Field guaranteed to them, just not in Lake County.

Again...thank you for doing what you do, but sometimes one might want to take a chance and contact a organization rather than guess....

Re: End of Season Rankings - Team Grades


I am at the mercy of the information that I can find on teams websites, league message boards, and national score reporting sites. The website for LC has been down for quite awhile and it was reported that the team had folded on your league's message board one time on my weekly hunt for scores.

On the site I ask that if anything is wrong with your information that you send me an e-mail and that I would correct it ASAP.

Thank you for doing so and keep me, and the Indiana Semi-Pro Community up-to-date of any changes with your team. Communication is the key to success. Take Care and Good Luck.

Re: End of Season Rankings - Team Grades

For the record...getting communication at this level can be difficult and as a message board whore, I know how rumors can pop up. I apologize if I came over as a Azz...but I have been some what associated with the Lake County Steelers since 1999 and just wanted to Stress that the Steelers will return in 2010...
and from what I hear, The 2010 Steelers will be a totally new program as the Steelers Board of Directors have open the doors for some new blood to come aboard...

I would like to apologize for my above post, as I know as a webmaster for the MSFL, getting information from teams is a very difficult and thankless job....