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Just to Be Clear

Some threads have been cleaned out in the last several days for good reason. Let me be as clear as I can about this: the issues being raised in many cases are totally valid and should be raised. I take NO ISSUE with even controversial issues being raised in a respectful manner.

What IS at issue is the means by which these issues are being raised. Lots of ugly language associated with "calling people out" is not what this board is for. I make the assumption that the communication here should be about moving toward some desirable end which serves some group larger than a single person and the group with which they might be having an issue. Far too much of the posts in the last month have been one guy calling out another in some form or another.

There are other means to do that. Again- if you have an issue that warrants discussion from our community PLEASE RAISE IT. Just do it without F-bombs and nasty personal attacks.

If we follow the VERY FEW strictures placed on communication here- we should have a productive off-season.