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KC Mustangs Try Outs

The Kosciusko County Mustangs will be holding our first try out on Saturday, November 7th at 12:00 noon until 2:00 at Triton High School. This is open to anyone interested in playing for the 2010 Mustangs.
Information can be obtained by visiting our web-site at or by sending an e-mail to Sid Phillips, General Manager at
Try out fees are $20 and we will be holding a free workout for veterans that day also.

Re: KC Mustangs Try Outs

got a few questions because i want to come to the tryout. checked the site but want some more info. why is it $20 to try out. does this go towards a player fee? how much is the player fee? what does the player fee cover? if i show up and don't make it do i get my $20 back?

Re: KC Mustangs Try Outs

The $20 is to cover the rental that we are charged by Triton for the gym. It is non-refundable. It does not go towards your fees if you make the team.

The fees this year have been lowered again.
$100 for returning veterans and former Mustang players who already have their uniforms. Plus you MUST participate in ALL Mustang fundraisers such as the raffle and any chicken dinner sales.
$250 for rookies and new players. The reason this is higher is because we have to purchase uniforms for you. This includes pants and 3 different jerseys. You must also participate in fundraisers.

We also give players opportunities to have their fees reduced by bringing in sponsorships and advertising for our program or sponsorship to the web-site.

The player fees cover expenses such as field rental for home games. Security for home games. Tape for all players. Ice for all games. Referee fees for all games. Domain charges for the web-site that do not get covered. League fees. Progam printing. And there are other fees and expenses that I am sure I am forgetting.
We do recover some of the expenses from charging admission at the gate but have to charge players because this makes us about even every year.

If you have any further questions please contact Sid Phillips at 574-268-7979

Re: KC Mustangs Try Outs

I need to clear something up. The $20 WILL apply towards your fees. Sorry for the confusion.

Re: KC Mustangs Try Outs

$250 , are you serious? what if they just want to play ball instead of buying in to ownership of the team? these fees are way to high,my advise to everyone is to check out some other teams.

Re: KC Mustangs Try Outs

Not that they need to be defended....

But just my own personal experience...
I never had a season as a player that my fee was less that $200.00
Including my first year 10 years ago
Now unless I have missed something everything pretty much costs more now than it did 10 years ago

Just figure out what the costs of the "cheap" items are for a
Let alone the high cost items...fields-ref..etc

If you or anyone else is willing to front some of these costs then I'm sure any team would be willing to adjust player fee's

Just let us know if you want to know where to send the money!...

-Coach Bell
Elkhart Shamrock

Re: KC Mustangs Try Outs

coach Bell not that i need to explain myself to you or anyone else for that matter but i to have been a part of semi-pro football for several years now and i have never and would never pay any team $200 or more to play. even if i could still play i wouldnt if these are the going rates and a tryout fee is stupid this should be free just to draw more attention to your team. And how is it certain teams can do the same thing you guys are doing and do it for less than half the cost? And again i am going to say these fees are way to high,you money hungry teams need to atleast come down to around $150 just to be competetive with the other teams in the area.

Re: KC Mustangs Try Outs

I hear what your saying and i respect it. You are certainly entitled to your opinion but to just blindly insinuate that a team is a ripoff because of their fee is irresponsible. If you chose what team you wanted to play for based off the fee then i would wonder when push came to shove exactly what kind of team player you would end up being. Buy hey that's just my opinion.

Now I could be wrong but im just working off of the information you are seems that 150 is an acceptable fee to you and 200 is not....and it seems that the difference would be enough for you not to take the field if you could...then I would also wonder how much you actually love this game...again just my opinion

I know money is tight for everyone...I live in the same world you do...but you have to understand this thing has to have consideration on both sides of the is tight for players but money is tight for owners also...the difference is the owners understand how much it costs to get through a season and most players don't care...not saying all but alot
and again when push comes to shove on saturdays when its time to take the field even if players have not done what they signed up for as grown men then everyone is looking at the owners to reach in their pockets to make sure a game happens
That's why I can honestly say I have never had the urge to own a a head coach or position coach or player I will give up whatever time i can and will work as hard as anybody to make this thing work....but to know when other grown men have not done or willing to do what needs to get done and then reach into my own pocket and pay for these people I am not willing to do....difference is I am man enough to tell you that and certainly not hide behind a name and bitch about those people who are

To answer your question is easy....its a matter of simple economics and the way of the world... it's a matter of who you know

on the economics side there are certainly some areas where local support thrives....also some teams are filled with more grown men who step up and do what needs to be done at this your fee what ever it is....go out and work on sponsors

and there are teams who have people or know people who work in football at other levels....I know from personal experience that when I had a job that I got off work early enough to coach at the high school level it in turn allowed me the opportunity to have contacts in everything from the regional riddell rep to everything involved in football
which would prob allow you to purchase things a little cheaper
or you could just purchase cheaper items

also in some areas things have happened to make it harder on people

I know my first season was with the michiana vipers...the woman who owned the team one day up and disappeared with all the money....that team eventually turned into the michiana saints..they were named the saints because the man who owned the team was a pastor...and guess day he up and disappeared with all the money....I am guessing in both instances there were probably some people or organizations in this area who were not payed

In turn people in this area have had to fight "demons of the past" because of these people and its made it alot more difficult to drum up support

So in

I have seen most of what you can see at this level...shady owners who did pocket money.....owners who tried to use their position to force more playing time (grizzlies cough,cough)...owners who put their hurt ego in front of their team (longhorns cough,cough) and people despite being honest had to pay the price for these people

and really this is not a personal attack on you...hell i don't even know who you are....
Obviously I am not apart of the Mustangs but i have never seen anything shady from them

and for someone who doesn't even seem to really love this sport to basically call them a ripoff is wrong..

again whenever you are willing to write that check or round up some sponsors then I am sure any team would be willing to take it and prob adjust some fee's

-Coach Bell
Elkhart Shamrock

Re: KC Mustangs Try Outs

Coach Bell. Thank you for your input. Everything you said is true.
IFL Fan (Whichever nameless IFL Fan it is this time), it's obvious you have your opinion and I respect that. But you have no clue what it take to run the KC Mustangs. Maybe some other team or whatever but not us. And if price is an issue then maybe some other team might be better for you. We are here for ONE reason. The Championship. "New year - Old Mustang Attitude" Put it on the field.
With us you get to keep all of your uniforms except for one jersey. Plus if the league fees are $1,000 per team, and you only have 50 players on your roster then that's $20 per player going to THE LEAGUE. So if your only charging $100 dollars, LIKE THE MUSTANGS, then the balance of the fee is $80. But since you choose to only read half the thread then you won't see this part that says the other $150 is for the 2 pairs of football pants and 2 jerseys that each player gets to keep. Oh...and the tape. Oh..and the screw in cleats that the players can change at their need during a game. Oh,,and the water bottles... Oh,,, and the sound system that I don't own, the Mustangs do....Oh,,, and the replacement parts for veryone's helmets of they need repair... (see my point?)
As far as this thread goes we are done responding to it. I have explained more than I want to and if you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me or show up November 7th and I will explain it face to face. Wear a paper bag if you want to continue to hide your identity. It makes no difference to us.

Re: KC Mustangs Try Outs

lol........ifl fan, what he is saying is, hes from ohio and he is a cincinatti fan, so he kinda really likes the paper bags on the head. show up to the tryout with that on your head, mike will cover the player fees personally. you will be his next favorite semi pro football player. lol.............wear a paper bag, only in cincinatti and detroit, lol

Re: KC Mustangs Try Outs

Only the President of the Jim Zorn Fan Club would spell Cincinnati like that,,,or some hick from West Virginia.

Re: KC Mustangs Try Outs Mike, why do we have to bring Mr. Zorn into this convo. You are only jealous that your Bengals don't have the playcalling that he provides for my redskins. And don't make fun of someones spelling, it could hurt thier feelings.

Re: KC Mustangs Try Outs

Those complicated plays he was calling??.."You take the brown oblong thing and toss it towards a guy who is wearing a shirt that looks exactly like yours" is not play calling... And you don't have any feelings.

Re: KC Mustangs Try Outs

Careful gross Kempers bengals do have a bit better record than the redskins although i do love when people take a shot at kemper so lol!!! See you saturday Kemper!!!!