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Minor League Hall of Famers 2009

Congrats to Dennis Morris...

Hall of Fame Candidate,

The Board of Directors and Selection Committee of the Minor League Football Hall of Fame proudly announces its Class of 2009 Hall of Fame Inductees. This group of 31 men and 1 woman, along with the Brooklyn Mariners Football Team is the 5th annual induction into the Hall of Fame and truly represents the best of the sport of football at the amateur level.

The Minor League Football Hall of Fame was established with the Induction of the Class of 2004 in order to recognize the lifetime achievement, dedication and contribution of Athletes, Coaches, Executives and others connected with the sport of Minor League and Adult Amateur Football. Since that time, nearly 300 individual members have been recognized and inducted. These 32 new Inductees, along with the Brooklyn Mariners, have joined an elite group of men and women throughout the country.

Minor League Football Hall of Fame

Class of 2009
John Kennedy, Athlete

Gabe Sorenson, Athlete
Cheri Kardas, Executive

Dennis Morris, Athlete
Mark Lloyd, Athlete

George Demetriou, Official
Tommie Williams, Athlete

Aaron Hairston, Coach
Bobby Powell, Coach

Mark Garza, Coach
James McCray, Athlete

William Holiday, Athlete
Tyrone Lyndsey, Athlete

Roy Davis, Meritorious Achievement
Ron Real, Executive

Rob Williams, Athlete
Eric Jenkins, Athlete

Bob Welch, Coach
Kevin Shearer, Athlete

Todd Oberdorf, Athlete
Greg Justice, Athlete

Larry Turney, Athlete
Kevin Armour, Coach

Charles West, Athlete
Steve Moser, Athlete

Ron Kerr, Coach
James Stamper, Coach

James McCray, Athlete
Joe Thomas, Jr., Coach

Andy Cruz, Athlete
Ray Clay, Executive

Malachi Dewalt, Athlete

Along with: The Brooklyn Mariners

Re: Minor League Hall of Famers 2009

Way to go,

Congrats Dennis!

Re: Minor League Hall of Famers 2009

Thanks alot. I am so honored to be apart of an elite group of men and women from this sport! Football has done alot for me. I want to say thanks and congrats to Cheri Kardas for nominating me.

Thanks again
Dennis Morris
Long Snapper

Re: Minor League Hall of Famers 2009

Cheri is the bomb!

Congrats, D.