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Fraud alert - about equipment

I know this happened last year as I was about suckered into and it kills me to see it happening again.


I wanted to warn every team out there about a equipment fraud scheme. A guy going by the name of James M. Terry is calling teams and offering to sell equipment (50 helmets/50 shoulder pads) for a very low price. He claims to have played kicker for an "independent" indoor football team named the Rock River Raptors. He claims the team is being moved and is changing color schemes. He is only "asking" $1500 for everything. He claims he only wants a down payment of roughly $150-$200 and will ask you to send it Western Union. Most likely to Tampa, Fl. He is VERY sound in his story and seems to have an answer for -ny question, so this has been well planned out on his part.

After receiving your down payment, he will tell you he will call you back with a tracking number after shipping it out. I expect he tries this mostly on Saturday's to have an excuse for the UPS store being closed by the time he "gets there". He attempts to dodge your return calls but will answer and have an excuse. He managed to drag it out until Monday afternoon with me. His phone# was 814-609-6558. He finally had the phone cut off and i expect he may use a pre-paid phone and regularly change the number.

I have to admit, i was skeptical the entire time i had these conversations with him. Yet for me, it was worth the risk for the reward to find out. I lost roughly $150 to find out it is a fraud. The bottom line is there are some teams out there that can't afford to lose $150 like that. He claims that you will have 6 months to pay the remaining balance and that a contract will be drawn up and emailed to you after payment.

Again, he is VERY thorough with his details and even went it to extensive detail about his supposive playing days at Clarke Atlanta. Googling the Rock River Raptors will show you a picture of a kicker named James Terry. I'm not sure if this team is legitimate or not and i'm not even sure if this is actually the guy behind the scheme but that's what he is using. I expect he will continue to try this plan and i wanted to alert any other owners he may try and call. Please do not fall for this scam and if he does call you, tell him you've already heard of his little scam. Please be sure to remember any details so you can add it to this post if he tries you.

Re: Fraud alert - about equipment

There are a lot of people looking for him.
The Rock River Raptors are a legit team, and are not changing their colors.
This guy also try to start a team called the Hitman and offered to pay you $ 10,000 if you beat his team.
I said BULLSH%T.
You bring up a point about this guy may be using a name off the roster to add credibility to his scheme.

Re: Fraud alert - about equipment

heres a good read on the guy

Re: Fraud alert - about equipment

just a bit more on this guy...