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Steelers sign New OC, Asst. HC

Lake County Indiana...... The Lake County Steelers are happy to announce that 6" 335lb O-Lineman, Don Gambrel will return to the Lake County Steelers. The past All-American and MSFL All-Leaguer will return to the Steeler Sidelines only this time with a Clip Board. The Steelers are happy to announce that Gambrel will take over the Offense and have the title Assistant Head Coach and will look to take the Steelers to the other side of the Win-Loss Column.
"I'm excited, I met with some of the Steeler Player Representatives to see what we can do to change what needs to be changed and came to the conclusion that we just need to bring a winning attitude to the team" and Gambrel feels he knows how to do that, "I have had the opportunity to play under some of the best coach's in the MSFL, beginning with Coach Crowder, Coach Delane and Coach Don of the Indiana Titans and then of Course, Coach Terry, Kevin, Tony P., Duffie and Blue of the Thunder. If I have learned anything from these coach's other than X's and O's, I have learned that to win at this level, you have to bring the team together and become a Family".
Gambrels first assignment, meet up with the remaining Steeler Core and convince them of his plans. "I have played with and against the main core of the remaining Steelers, and I know that they want to enjoy what I have already experienced, Winning and I believe with what I have learned as a player and a High School Coach, I can show them the way".
One thing for sure, the Steelers will have a home field as both Gambrel, Coach Crowder have set a date to find a home in the Lake County Area, if not, the Steelers will be heading east to a field in Gambrels neck of the woods. "We want to stay close to our Lake County Heritage..but if things don't work out, I will use my High School Coaching connections...The Steelers will have a Field!"
Gambrel played with the Steelers as a MSFL All-Leaguer when the Steelers had their best record in the MSFL regular season as they finished 4-4. A few years later Don put the pads down to become a Coach for the Steeler and then later put the pads back on and then went to play for the Indiana Titans who were closer to where he lived. The year the Titans closed the door for a year, Don went on to finish his career with the Chicago Thunder and being part of a Family that would go on to win a few Rings.

Re: Steelers sign New OC, Asst. HC

Good luck to Don and the Steelers- the past couple of seasons have been rough for sure- it would be great for the MSFL to see them turn it around.

Re: Steelers sign New OC, Asst. HC

I cant wait to see and hear the turn around you are going to have! I might just have to go up there and see some games next year. My mother in law lives in gary!