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Nov. 27th and 28th indoor tourny

do to the lack of interest from teams we are unable to have this tourny we only had 1 team committed and 2 maybes. it's a sad thing because now there is going to be a soccer tourney instead and the teams are lining up. and we are charging the same price. so i am deeply sorry to inform you that this will not happen are deadline was the 21st but nobody is responding to e-mails. hopefully we may try this again in the future. but please still check out are website at

Re: Nov. 27th and 28th indoor tourny

$950.00 per team, league fees aren't even that high what did you expect.

Re: Nov. 27th and 28th indoor tourny

well c-note i tried to get it lowered to $700 and we were giving money away to the top 2 what indoor tourny have you seen do that. were had to pay for refs which would of been 4 per game to get all the calls right and for a 24hr tourny for 2 days gets expensive. and it can't be that bad because soccer teams are all ready to get in and we only need 1 ref per game for that. i have been the ind. indoor tourny twice the first time we got 2nd the 2nd time we won and i got a t-shirt for all my bumps and sores. which i still have the t-shirt that is but i had fun and thats what matters i tried to just one up it and it didnt work. and the funny thing is none of the money would of went to the warriors like most of these things do we had to pay too i just work at apex and thought i would get the word out. and i also understand the price thing but i mean most of us would pay $50.00 to go to a tryout why not for at least to play 3 games and a chance to make money. but its over now we will try it again soon i hope