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Lake County Steelers looking for Starters

The 2010 Steelers are accepting applications for the upcoming season. All positions are open.
The Steelers have been around the Semipro world for 11 years and now is the time to step up and drive for a championship.
If you are interested visit and fill out an application.
We are looking for all positions especially at the QB spot.
We will be playing in the Hobart/Portage Area.
email me at or fill out an application and we will be contacting you soon.

We will be having a Call out meeting after the first of the year....
We have a new Coaching staff in place so expect some changes...

Also have room for Hall of Fame Longsnappers

Re: Lake County Steelers looking for Starters

Bringing this back to the top....

So far this off season the Steelers have recieved more applications than we have ever in the past 10 years....

Looking forward to 2010

Re: Lake County Steelers looking for Starters

Do you guys know what field you'll be playing at yet?

Re: Lake County Steelers looking for Starters

At this time we have been ask to consider playing in Hobart. If the school board approves then I believe that is where we will play. We had asked for the Old Brickie Bowl, since its no longer being used, but the school board didnt want to bother with the up keep.
after the school board meeting, a Principal for a Jr High School offered us his facility....
So chances are we will be in Hobart.
If not Hobart, then we have 2 schools in Portage that are willing to have us...

the Steelers will have a Home Field in 2010....

Re: Lake County Steelers looking for Starters

I know at this level you take what you can get....but why would you ask for the old brickie bowl?

As a LaPorte grad I would be happy if they blew that place

Re: Lake County Steelers looking for Starters

Come on now a fellow Slicer Alum....thats the exact reason why I wanted the Brickie Bowl....
Visitors always were on the side of the Creek...mosquitoes would eat ya alive