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Midwest Force-Rolling Rhino

First off we would like to thank Houston H.S. for having us in their basketball charity event, it was lots of fun watching some football players on the hardwood haha.

Second there is alot of truth in raider nations post, but I would not say we are startin our own team, as just about the entire team has followed suite. We will have TJ Perkins as our head coach, for those of you who dont know TJ was the head coach for the OForce last season, and has the loyalty of the team by his side. Mark Wissman does have rights to the field as well as numerous top sponsors from last year including official after game spot Bufalo Wild Wings in Sidney. I promise you majority of what was last years OForce will be apart of the midwest brand this up coming season. Reason simply being management/ownership, the midwest brand is a team that is ran by the team so to say, topics will be adressed
as a team and voted on as a team, management for us is virtually the same with the exception of a couple guys.

Finaly we are very supportive of our community, and will be having our second charity event of the offseason as we team up with hits 105.5 and Salvation Army December 11th to "Fill the Bus" with toys for needy children's Christmas. We will be at the Walmart in Sidney, OH starting at 10 oclock.

The following day on the 12th we will be having a team meeting to discuss board members and other issues to be voted on. Anyone interested on joining us are encouraged to show it will be at 1 oclock at:

6626 ST. RT. 66
Ft. LORAMIE, OH. 45768

If you have any quetions please contact:

Andrew Davis 937-570-8847
Tyler Peckham 937-216-9282
Mark Wissman 937-638-4371

Or visit the team board at

Re: Midwest Force-Rolling Rhino

I am glad for the changes and the this TE will be there baby! can not wait till next year!