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Good Luck Bearcats

The pirates would like thank the Bearcats for two good years of football. We have played a lot of close games and playing at the Ritez Bowl was a great experience.

We want to wish you the best of luck next year in the GMFL. We already tentatively made commitment for pre-season games this year, and I think my players want a year off from the long road trip, but we would be interested in some possible games in the future. Maybe they will get that interstate built and things won't be as bad.

Most importantly, the Pirates wish you great success in Florida this January. I am sure you will represent Indiana Semi-Pro Football well.

John Jackson - GM Pirates

BTW those ring look good. Like the red stone back ground. - Take care

Re: Good Luck Bearcats

john we will miss the great games,tell #44and#53 we wont miss blocking two of the best linebacker that my old ass ever played.Good luck next year wish you guys the best are you guys still in the MFL?

Re: Good Luck Bearcats

The Ohio River Bearcats are a class organization and a superb football team. I had the pleasure of meeting Jack Shepard and Chris Cooke recently at their fundraiser in Evansville, and they are superb leaders of a program. They would be an asset to any league (including mine).

Good luck to the Bearcats in Florida. Nashville's pullin for ya.

Re: Good Luck Bearcats

John and Bill,

Thanks for the wishes.

Bill, it was nice meeting you at our event. I look forward to working on a game with your organization in 2010. Both Jack and I have expressed this to Anthony McCormick as well when we joined the GMFL for 2010. Personally, I hope to make it to an event in Nashville soon to support the Storm! Keep us posted.

Chris Cooke
General Manager
Ohio River Bearcats

Re: Good Luck Bearcats

It sucks that you guys will not be joining the IFL this year. It think your team would have made the competition ever better. No, I am not going to miss making that long drive to you guys but I will miss playing the best the MFL had this year.

Bearcat 70, great playing against you. Give them hell this year. I hope we get a chance to play you guys again. God bless you and your team in the coming up season.

Re: Good Luck Bearcats

Just wanted to wish all the Bearcats good luck in Florida and in your new league. I know you guys will do well down there and represent Indiana well. I'll be following the Bcats in the 2010 season. You have a hell of a team.