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So long, #15

Chris just started to turn it around.

Gone far to soon. :(


Re: So long, #15

All the KC Mustang players and some of the Wolfpack players know that I am a HUGE Bengal fan. Hell...I think I am the only person in Northern Indiana that has a Bengal license plate on my truck. True Bengal fans are hard to find. We are the ones that have endured the good years (1982 and 1989 Super Bowl games against the damn Niner's) to the bad years with Dave Klingler, Dave Shula and Dick LeBeau. I was a season ticket holder for 5 years and have been to probably 100 games over the years.

The term mis-understood is over used anymore. But Carson Palmer, who is being reported as being very close to Chris used it today to describe him. I believe Carson. I know how the Cincinnati media is and the national media is not any better, And Chris made MANY mistakes. But he did get it turned around. What happened yesterday is not important. But Henry does have 3 kids to think about. Marvin Lewis has proved this season that he has control of this team. This week against the Chargers in San Diego will test that.
Rest in Peace Chris.

Re: So long, #15

I have to echo some of Mike's sentiment. Being from Cincy originaly, I too have been a life long Bengals fan and will remain so.
I think that Chris Henry was definitely growing as a person, he made some mistakes in his youth, but was very much in the process of turning his life around. It is always a tragedy to see someone with such potential be taken away just as they seem to be putting it all together.
He will be missed by the fans, but more so, by his friends and family.

Re: So long, #15

not to take anything away from the guy....
But how do you die falling out of a truck as an NFL player?? Was it fucking BIGFOOT?? I shouldnt joke about death but it seems a bit crooked??!!
Was it suicide???

What Chris told his wife while in the back....
4am Espn is where i heard this.

"If you take off in that truck I will jump from this truck and kill myself" WTF


Re: So long, #15

yeah i heard that this mornin too, and i was already thinkin that somethin didnt seem right, i mean either way it's still sad to see or hear about this happenin but i cant lie that i would like to know more about this

Re: So long, #15

I am not a Bengal fan, but I liked watching Henry become a good receiver. I think he was a big part of that offense and it showed when he was placed on the IR. He def could have been a no 1 in the future. It sucks to see it end this way. It just goes to show that sometimes you need to think before you act.