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MW Force and IHL's Dayton Gems

The Mid-West Force would like to announce that it will be attending the December 30th IHL hockey game between the Dayton Gems and the Fort Wayne Komets. The Force are working with the Gem's and will have an informational table set up on the main concourse along with giveaways and a raffle of a 2009-2010 Team autographed jersey of the Gems.

Anyone who would like to attend this game with the Force, or are interested in more team information, are urged to contact team President Andrew Davis at for details.

The Force are in their inaugural season under new ownership and are looking to compete in the IFL in the Summer of 2010.

Here is a link to the Gems autographed jersey!!!


Re: MW Force and IHL's Dayton Gems

Sounds like a realy neat thing going on looking forward to going and seeing some of the guys!! Sorry i missed the last meeting had to do the work thing! I am realy excited about the new Force and being a part of this! I think the IFL would be getting a great thing in there league if we are excepted in January!! Hey pitbull i said we this time lol!!

Re: MW Force and IHL's Dayton Gems


why dont you just use your name, instead of coming up with all of these creative usernames!!
Its just easier and it doesnt change from week to week.


Re: MW Force and IHL's Dayton Gems

Good luck to the Force at their event. However being that I grew up in Fort Wayne I'm obligated to say the following...

GO KOMETS!!! haha

Have fun guys.

Dave Clawson
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Re: MW Force and IHL's Dayton Gems

Hey Bebop,...glad to see the "we" in your message...lmao...hope u can make and see u at the Dayton Gems game...ttyl brother.....PITBULL

Re: MW Force and IHL's Dayton Gems

Hell yeah Hensley, I see a wager in the horizon for that #77 lol. Na but we think the IFLs just as good a fit for us as we are for them! We just wanna play quality ball, anyways hopefully all goes well there.

As for the game Clawson, im an Indiana guy myself but I got a feeling ima be rootin for the gems lol.

Mark your awsome! your doin great things for your team on and off the field, and even greater things in your community! You, Andrew and Tyler are doing a great job with puttin everything together and keepin it runnin smooth, kudos to you guys! cya guys on the 30th.

hopefully everyone has a great safe Christmas!! now lets get it over with and get to SPRING!!!!

Re: MW Force and IHL's Dayton Gems

Our game with the Gems went GREAT check out our new and improved website for pictures from the event!!!!