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"Stuff the Bus"/ "Charity Basketball Game"/ "Drug and Alcohol Abuse"

On Dec. 11th the Mid West Force helped participate in a toy drive for needy children from our area called "Stuff the Bus". The local radio station HITTS 105.5 (one of our sponsers)along with the Salvation Army contacted me and asked if we as a football team would want to help...of course I said SURE!!! The Salvation Army had a bus out in front of Wal Mart and the radio station had a live feed set up. It was a AWSOME time, but VERY COLD!!!!!...lmao..It was a huge success and they raised over 600 toys not includeing money for local needy children this Christmas!! What a GREAT cause!!

The second event we have done as a team was the Local High School here in Houston,OH. (who's elementary school field we play on and who's Pee Wee team's we have addopted as our "Little Brother Program") is currently building a new K-12 school. So I contacted the Athletic Directer as well as the High School Basketball Coach and asked if they would be interested in playing a basketball game...their Varsity BBall team against our Football Team. We played two 10 min. halfs. We started the game off by throwing out team T-shirts to the crowd as we were introduced on the court. I believe we lead the game for the first min. or two...then it all went down hill for!! Needless to say they beat us, but it was alot of fun!! After the game was over the athletic director told me that it was the largest crowd he had seen at a "special event" basketball game in 15 years of him being the ahletic director. All moneys raised from the game was given to the school to go toward the building of the new athletic complex! Totally great time!! I asked the BBall coach if we could do this every year he said "sure..sounds great"! So hopefully next year we can do better and MAYBE beat i doubt it. the Houston BBall team has been to state semi-finals 4 of their last 5 years...lmao!! P.S. After the game I went into the lockerroom and told the Houston Boys great game and we wanted a rematch...but on the football Several of the seniors have expressed they want to come out and play for us this season, great for us and even better for our re-match next year in!!
In closeing, the Vice-Principal from Houston asked if I would do a "Stay away from Drugs and Alcohol" program to the Houston Highschool kids, as I am from the community, was a police officer for 10 yearsand now work for the Houston Rescue Squad, and am also a adult athlete. They feel like with me already knowing alot of the kids(my kids go to school here), experiance with dealing with accidents dealing with substance abuse and driving, and being a athlete...they feel like the kids might be able to connect with me and maybe be more willing to listen. I said "sure I would love to!!" We all have the oppertunity to make a diffrence in our communitys, just up to us to step up and help where we can to make a diffrence!! LIVE WELL, PLAY HARD, ENJOY LIFE, AND LEAVE A GOOD EXAMPLE FOR THOSE COMING BEHIND U TO FOLLOW!!!

Have a very blessed and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from me to all of you!! Look forward to seeing you this year on the field in 2010!! GO MID WEST FORCE and best of luck to all teams!! Hope for a great and safe season for all....PITBULL#20MWFORCE