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New Mid Ohio Jets Website

check out the new and improved website:

Re: New Mid Ohio Jets Website

Looks Good Sammy....

I know there are Bearcat fans here...but I wish both teams Luck....and enjoy the Weather...first year in the last 3 that I wont be making the trip and trust me...I'm sad

Good Luck to both teams....Nice to see the Midwest represented every year

Re: New Mid Ohio Jets Website

Is Parris Long going to be playing in the game January 17th??

I remember that guy (if its the same guy... buckeye?) man-handling dudes in the 1st Crush Indoor Tourney for some Columbus,Oh team...


Re: New Mid Ohio Jets Website


Thank you for the props. I know the Bearcats vs Jets game will be a good one. Hopefully just as exciting as the Jets vs Thunder match up; but with different results lol.


That is the same Paris Long and he still man handles dudes. Paris has leaned out, he was 6'7 375 lbs, but has gotten down to 320lbs....still lean...still devastating.

As for Florida, Paris had a knee injury last year when he was working out, but has recently been cleared to play in FL, however, he may decide to give it some rest and wait for our 2010 season.

Re: New Mid Ohio Jets Website

Good luck dont waste a trip to florida for nothing

Re: New Mid Ohio Jets Website

no trip to Florida is ever me on that my