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Tornados Off-Season Overview - December


December 29th 2009, Indianapolis, IN

The Tornados staff said that they would be signing players to fill in holes this offseason,
and that they did. In just a few weeks, they signed several players that on that list...

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Re: Tornados Off-Season Overview - December

Re: Tornados Off-Season Overview - December

There’s nothing more important to a defense than its middle.

That’s why, to round out the month of December, it was only fitting to sign team captain and former Indiana St. Univ. middle linebacker, Tony Pryor, and new signee and former Lackawanna College defensive lineman, Jerome Cook.

From the grin on Tony’s face when he saw the massive 6’4” 350 lbs. frame of Jerome Cook aka “Big Kuntry”, its was safe to say, Tony had already made 157 tackles in his mind while sizing Jerome up and shaking his hand.

In Tony’s mind, “less is more”. The more big bodies put in front of him, the less interference for him to make plays.

More to the middle by adding sign size and ability to an already stacked unit with veterans and new talented players. One of the essential ingredients to championship football.
Veteran Signee
LB- Tony Pryor, Indiana St, Univ. – 3rd year
New Signee
DL- Jerome Cook, Lackawanna College – 1st year

When it comes to building a championship environment, attitude is everything. Former Western Michigan Univ. running back, and new Tornados signee, Tommy Kanger, believes he has the right attitude for success.

"Having the right attitude helps me treat every play like its 4th and goal." Adds Kranger. "It helps give me the motivation to push myself as hard as I can in practice and during a game."

Tornados plan to focus all of their energy on the its goal, winning a National Championship. If every player has the "Can do" attitude, then it is a definate possiblity in 2010.
New Signee

RB-Tommy Kanger, Western Michigan University - 1st year

Hog Heaven”, Offensive and Defensive Linemen meet and sign over breakfast

(pictured from top right to left, OL-Aaron Bridges, OL-Jason Fletcher, HC-Jerry Senter, OL-Brent Baker, OLC-Ray Donaldson, OL-John Anderson, DL-Ryan Harris, DL-"Go Go", and DL-Reggie Martin)

After several plates of chow, drinks, and football conversation, it was declared that football and food, to most linemen, is “Hog Heaven”.

There were a total of eight (8) Offensive and Defensive linemen signees with the average size of 6’4” 302 lbs.

“A championship team is only as good as their lines, at this level it is the key to success.” Comments Offensive Line captain, Brent Baker.

“The team that controls the line of scrimmage week in and week out will win the championship.”

In 2009, Baker had his work “cut out”, doubling as the Tornados Offensive Line Captain and Line Coach.

“I feel sorry for the opponents in the upcoming season. After we (Tornados Linemen) chow down on them like we did at that buffet, it's going to be a long season for all those who line up across from us.” Concludes, Baker.

"Hog Heaven" indeed all the way to the chip again in 2010!
Veteran Signee's

OL- Brent Baker, Univ. or Findlay – 3rd year

OL- Aaron Bridges, Franklin College – 3rd year

OL- John Anderson, Pike H.S. – 3rd year

OL- Jason Fletcher, Mooresville H.S. – 2nd year

DL- Sunungura “Go Go” Rusununguko, Ball St. Univ. – 3rd year

DL- Kevin Felder, North Central H.S. – 3rd year
New Signee's

OL/DL- Reggie Martin, Chatard H.S. – 1st year

DL- Ryan Harris, Pike H.S. – 1st year

New QB Brings Experience and Optimism

(pictured from right to left, QB-Ean Decker and WR-Glenn Ayro)

The key ingredient to the 2008 championship run was quarterback play.

Signing experienced quarterback, Ean Decker (Univ. of Louisiana-Monroe), brings optimism to a team that has championship potential.

"The organization is working hard to continue to win and to build a championship calibur team. I wanted to be a part of that and feel that I can have a major role in the team's future success." Explains Decker.

Veteran Wide Reciever, Glenn "GA" Ayro, was excited about the new addition as well. They've already started working out together, throwing, and conditioning.
Veteran Signee

WR - Glenn Ayro, Milwaukee Bonecrushers (CIFL) - 3rd year
New Signee

QB - Ean Decker, Univ. Louisiana-Monroe - 1st year

Key Veterans Commit to Championship Run

(Pictured from top right to left, LB-Tim Parker, GM-Anthony Meriweather, LB-Sherman Flucas, LB-Dan Eason, DB-Charles Jackson, DB-Terry Moore, FB-Mike Perkins)

Key veterans make the commitment to build the Tornados franchise back to championship form.

"Getting the veterans on board early means that they should have a strong presence when we bring in the new additions." Explains Team President, Evan Triggs.

Key players will be determined to redefine themselves in the off-season, especially coming off of a "not so perfect" 2009 season.
Veteran Signee's
LB – Tim Parker, Wabash College – 3rd year
LB – Sherman Flucas, St. Francis Univ. – 3rd year
FB – Mike Perkins, Franklin College – 3rd year
DB – Charles Jackson, Wabash College – 3rd year
DB – Terry Moore, Milwaukee Bonecrushers (CIFL) – 3rd year
LB – Dan Eason, Indiana St. Univ. – 2nd year

Re: Tornados Off-Season Overview - December

Wow - congrats to an already strong program on what looks to be some great addtions!

When did Decker and Kanger play?

The media guild links to the all-time rosters are below...



Thanks and good luck.

Re: Tornados Off-Season Overview - December

I think Decker played in the early 2000's... Kanger played in the mid 2000's - aprox. 2003. Kanger has a pretty cool story... he started out at a small college, Knox (IL) - then transferred to WMU... he played against some of my fellow BSU teammates... through them is how he found the team.