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Ohio Force?

I was wondering if there was going to be an Ohio Force team this season. I am from the area and am interested in starting my semi-pro days. I came to a game last year and was very impressed with the team, and its coaching staff for the most part. Please respond on here with any information for how I can contact management.


Re: Ohio Force?

Im pretty sure you can go to to get in contact with their team. If you came out to watch us last year, majority of the team is now known as the Midwest Force, with the exception of a couple guys from management with the ohio force and maybe a couple players. The Midwest Force have the head coach from last year, TJ Perkins, and have a team meeting sat. in greenville at tailgaters at 2 oclock our home games are still at the same spot to. Heres a few contacts for ya. anyone of the guys would be more than happy to talk to ya...

TJ Perkins 937-418-9161
Andrew Davis 937-570-8847
Tyler Peckham 937-216-9282
Mark Wissman 937-638-4371

Not tryna draw anyone away from the OHIO force, like i said you can prolly go to their site to get mike's contact info, but if it was the makeup of the team itself you liked we are literaly all with the MIDWEST force. you can also go to or to get to our message board, we're pretty active on it.

Re: Ohio Force?

So the team split up? When I watched last season, it was the first game I think, against the Patriots. The team seemed to work very well together and everything seemed great. I guess that is why it is a long season in semi-pro football. It seems from what Alvizar says, Mike(Ohio Force GM) and everyone else including Coach Perkins and a bulk of the players have split up.

Does anyone have any preference over the other. I want to make the smart decision and not regret it a few weeks later. What do you guys think?

Re: Ohio Force?


I would love to tell you just to come to our team, we welcome everyone and anyone because we are team oriented. The reason the team had split because the owner of the OhioForce ran the team as a dictator and some other issues. If you want more information on the split or our team i would love to talk to you either on the phone or Saturday at our meeting. Look forward to talking or seeing you!

Tyler Peckham
Midwest Force V.P.

Re: Ohio Force?

Obviously we prefer Midwest Force lol its really up to you, theres several reason we all left the main reason we as players just wanted to be more involved with the direction of the team, the luxory of the Midwest Force is it is a team ran team. Every team member has a voice and has oppritunities to voice their oppinion at team meetings such as the one sat. any question or concern you have can be addressed. I can promise you there will be no disapointment being apart of our team, if you came out to our game last year against the patriots, with the exception of the player we ended up booting, thats basically the team you'd be apart of, a classy respectful team that plays hard....