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Tornados 2009 Impact Plays - Round 1

2009 Impact Plays

The definition of Impact, in general, can refer to the influence or effect of an object. In science, however, it can refer to the collision of two objects.

Impact plays range from violent collisions to a spectacular performance. However the type, shape, or form, Impact plays are the difference between winning and losing.

Tornados staff went through hours of tape to find plays and performances that had an Impact on a game. Many plays were found, but only a few were chosen.

We want your input. Place your vote and help us chose the top three (3) Impact plays of 2009. There are three (3) categories, offense, defense, and special teams. There will be three (3) rounds of selection, single elimination. Please review the clips by selecting the website link below.

After we tally the votes for Round 1, we will release a series of newclips for Round 2. The top two (2) in each category will battle for the top spot in Round 3. Stay tuned.