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Cutter's announce new coach

January 26, 2010

Bloomington, Ind.—January 26, 2010 – The Indiana Cutters Football organization has announced the retirement of Brent Slinkard, Head Coach of the Indiana Cutters. Slinkard led the Bloomington based semi-pro football team to a 27-5 overall record and an impressive 20-2 record in the Interstate Football League and two league championships in 2008 and 2009. Slinkard was also credited for much of the organizations early development as an upstart semi-pro expansion team and for establishing the Indiana Cutters as one of the finest minor league football programs in the Midwest.

“This was an awesome experience for me to coach so many outstanding athletes and many truly great people, but it’s time for a change” Slinkard said. Slinkard cited time constraints and business opportunities for stepping down from coaching, but said he would miss the players most. “The relationships I have founded with so many players, coaches and fans will last a lifetime for me. I will miss being on the field most with the players – where the game is played. I expect nothing less from this team and our championship goals will remain the same for the 2010 season” added Slinkard. Slinkard will remain with the organization as President of the Board of Directors and I.F.L. league representative.

Following the retirement of Slinkard, the Indiana Cutters Football Board of Directors - has announced John Shean as head coach of the football team this season. Shean has acted as the defensive coordinator for the Cutters these past two seasons and has wide ranging experiences in coaching since the mid 70’s in Indiana and California. “I am honored to be given the opportunity to continue the Cutters’ great tradition.” said Shean. Slinkard stated that the board approved Shean’s appointment unanimously and that Coach Shean is the right man for our football team moving forward. Shean added “The Cutters organization has shown itself to be one of the best in semi-pro football. We want to maintain that high level of excellence both on and off the field.”
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Re: Cutter's announce new coach

Sorry to hear that Brent is stepping down as coach, but I'm sure that it was a decision that was tough to make. I wish him the best of luck as he opens a new chapter in his personal life and know that he will work hard to make the IFL as strong as it can be.

Good Luck to coach Shean, as he takes the reins and tries to keep the Cutters moving toward continued success.

Re: Cutter's announce new coach

coach slink
i would have loved to play for you and enjoyed watching you coach your players. your were one of the greats in the minor league football. i wish you well.

Re: Cutter's announce new coach

Coach Slink will be missed as head coach however coach Shean will do a great job of leading us into the future and will do whatever it takes to keep us on the road to a 3rd IFL Championship, and the road to that has already started with our recuiting and training.....Slink we will love having you as our Team President so we know you will never be too far from the action...

Re: Cutter's announce new coach

Sucks to hear Slink stepping down but its great to hear Shean stepping in...I know with Shean there wont be any issues at all with them missing a beat. Good luck Cutters!! Go for the 3peat!!