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History trying to repeat itself

So, about a year ago, the IFL had all of these new teams come on board, we were going to have a North and South Division, and life was going to be great. Then, teams starting falling out, and another team got asked to leave, and before long we end up playing a season that had fewer games than the year before, with no all star game. So, this year, we have even more teams, which is great. I play football to play football, not just for the title of semi-pro football player, so more teams means more games, and hopefully a north and south division to cut back on travel. However, I start hearing rumblings that one of the teams that I am considering being a part of has not got their act together, and could potentially screw the players that are thinking about playing for them. It is well known that Elkhart County has three teams, which is impressive, but word is that the Shamrocks have nothing put together for next year. There is no coach outside of the owners, the QB and most of their offense has taken off, the D has taken a hit as well, they have been kick off of the field that they played on last year due to the teams behavior, there is no field to play on period and they are looking at being a total road team and that management on the team is blaming other teams for stealing their players, which I find as funny, because if I know the history of semi-pro football in the area, when the Shamrock started, there were a lot of Longhorn players go with them, causing the Longhorn team to fold (I could be mistaken, but I believe that the Horn's folded the same year the Shamrock was created.) So, I think, for the sake of players trying to make a decision as to where to spend their year, someone from the Shamrock need to step up a stated what their plan's are (outside of the standard company line "We are here for the 2010 season and will be competive" posted on this website, normally misspelled and sounding like they were written by a caveman.) I know that the Hurricane's had their tryouts today, the wolfpack has theirs soon, Mustangs have announced their tryouts, and I would guess that the Hitmen will have something in the near future. If you do not have a plan, don't dick around with these people willing to play for you, just to fold in late May, making it too late for people to get good positions on other teams. I also think that the IFL should look into situations like this, so that it does not jack up the season. It really is hard to try to plan a family life and vacations when I can't even trust the schudule. Just be honest, and don't lead people on to believe something that is not true, you end up pissing people off.

Re: History trying to repeat itself

I was a member of the Longhorns the year that they folded, and I can say that there were a number of reasons that they folded, and can not be put solely on the formation of the Shamrock. Semi-Pro teams come and go for various reasons, and it is rare that one thing by itself forces a team out.

I have much respect for the owners in this league that run their teams well. I have always thought highly of the Mustangs (they have a freakin sweet bus/UHAUL thing that they drive to their games), and the Wolfpack look like they have got a good thing going. Owning and running a team is not easy, I have looked into it a couple times, and short of winning the lottery or having a rich uncle die, the owners are going to almost always in the hole. While some folks may do it better than other, it is hard to do.

I can understand being on edge about not knowing what the future is. I have been on teams where the coaches buddy gets to show up two weeks before the game and jumps in to the starting roll, and that will tick a team off quickly. So, the thought of trying to make a team in June after missing the first 3 months of preseason is not a plesant thought. I guess the only suggestion I would have is that if you think for a moment that the team is not going to stick around, and you got a better situation somewhere else, go for it. You have to stick with your family, and jobs are hard to come by so you have to do what you don't like some times, but football should be fun, and you need to put yourself in a position to have fun.

The cavemen on the GEICO comericals are quite funny, and very well read, so you might want to pick another way to describe the writer of the posts. Plus, the folks from Mishawaka High School might have an issue with you.

Re: History trying to repeat itself

Well first i think it's funny you will get nothing from the shamrock. Sure you will get the chance to play football (If they can find a field try northside guys duh) But it will be a season where you will not learn a thing. It's funny how mitch can tell people they need to earn the right to play the game when a player pays out of his own pocket to play for this man. How many times you gonna say stuff like that this year? It will be interestng to see the number of players that your all american Curt (Who played in like 4 games last year and was hurt in every one) will get for you? Will they get their dark jerseys? Will the soccer teams kick you off the field again? Will mitch play quarterback calling stupid calls in the huddle on fourth color? I'm sure it will be great in elkhart this year. And i know coach bell will tell me to let it go and move on and how hard it is to do things yack yack yack simple fact of it is owners and coaches for the rock don't want to hear stuff from players that want to help the team grow and win. Spread the word guys let people know we have a team guys and it turned into just shut up and play the game boo hoo put yourselves in their shoes blah blah. Good luck this year rock enjoy the season.

Re: History trying to repeat itself

u know it takes a big man to call people out and not even post their name. yea so wut i played five games last year. yea i did get hurt last year i was not in very good shape. but i played the game. and as far as the all american comment i am far from an all american talent wise but atleast i give everything i have when i am on the field. the shamrock is where i belong and i dont see a problem with the way mitch and them are runnin the show.

Re: History trying to repeat itself

There are plenty of things that are wrong with how the Sharocks are run, and that is why each year they lose more and more players. It is a joke to make people pay 20 buck to come "try out", and then when the all star defensive end and his freinds show up, they are welcomed with open arms, and stuck right into the starting line up. It is crap when half of the starts don't pay their fees, and others who have paid are sitting on the side lines. Pip, I am a little suprised that you have taken the ownerships side, as I know that you were quite angry last year. I was there last year when you lost it on Matt, and I can tell you from a defensive point of view, what you said was everything that we wanted to. You cant run a 3-5 with only two linebackers. Let's do the math people, 2 linebacks don't equal 5 line backers. Personally, I think it was crap that you had no troubles with field goals, but the pony tailed wonder got to come out and kick with his amazing 15 yard leg. We could have won in Ft. Wayne if not for that. We spend half the damn practice bitchin about where the ball should be spotted, if the field is crooked, and when to blow the whistle. Curt, it sucks that you got hurt, and I am glad that you are better, but seriously, if your ass was on the side line after you practiced all week, and had to play behind someone who rolled in 10 minutes before the game, you would have a problem. The Shamrocks has nothing to do with heart and soul of the players, but rather who is friends with who.

Re: History trying to repeat itself

At times I wish I would have never blew up like I did at Matt, because anyone that has a beef with the team will use that to there advantage. I said what I said in the heat of the moment, and as Coach Bell said, it was totally out of character for me. I won't back down from what I said, I just should have done it in a diffrent manner.

I would have to echo Curt's statements that I wish people would put their names on here so that we all know who we are talking to. I did not tell many people about my feelings last year, so either you heard from someone, or your in my inner circle. Anyway, yes there were things that bother me about the team last year, and I can't say that this thread has not hit on a lot of them. You can't expect people to be loyal to you if your first not loyal to them, and if you expect people to buy into what you are doing, you have to tell them what direction your going in. If there is no field this year, that is troubling, and folks need to know this so that they can make their plans accordingly, because that means your going to be driving all over the place, and there is no gate money coming in to pay for things, which could mean team fees go up. Mitch had talked to the school board about using any of Elkharts fields, including Northside, and was turned down, and to my knowledge the church was a last resort. Like I said, with tryouts going on, it is important for people to know what is going on sooner than later.

I think the comments about Rob were a little uncalled for. I missed three extra points in a row at the Panthers, and while we did lose by two down in Fort Wayne, there were a lot of things that went wrong in that game that could have turned the tide (like flipping a coin to see if a 2 point converstion could be run back.) While I may have very strong feelings about it, the owners have the right to play whomever they like in whatever positions they like, and either you deal with it and play, or you find some where else to go.

I am not defending the Shamrock by any means, and to be honest, I think that where they are today is directly related to some of the decisions that have been made in the past. Life will go on though, and while it may not be the same as it was in the past, it does go on.

Re: History trying to repeat itself

the only thing i a can say is that u should have been at the meeting things are lookin up for us and like i said i feel that i belong with the rock and that is where i plan on stayin.they gave me my shot and it is obvious that i have some talent cuz they want me back. i know that i was in the back field alot last year and could have made some big plays if i had an extra step. so yes i am loyal to the rock

Re: History trying to repeat itself

Why do you people even respond to this crap?! Quit responding to this nameless pud and he will go away. It's obvious he's a former Shamrock that probably didn't play or hides his privates in the shower.

The IFL will be fine this year, great teams and leadership is why they have succeeded each and every year they've been in existence!

PS: The sky is falling!

Re: History trying to repeat itself

Good luck to the shamrock unless you pull a ton of good players out of a hat with the two teams in the area who have had at least one try out and are signing players now you guys are in trouble. Have you guys been in the gym and ran drills yet? My guess is no you have not and thats one of the reasons people don't want to come back as shamrock. Most of the teams are on the ball in the IFL and the shamrock sit back and suck on each others thumbs. Teams are starting up now while you guys are drinking beer and throwin a ball down the floor tryin to sucker some people into playing for you. It's all good if it works for you guys thats great. Don't be shocked if your team is not ready for the season start when other teams are and roll up some major points on your rear ends because you guys needed another smoke break.

Re: History trying to repeat itself

I don't know why people will not let things go? People need to make the decision to just move on by themselves. Yes the Shamrock have some problems but if you are not playing for them this year you need to worry about the team you will be on and move on. I made my choice not to play for the Shamrock because of a number of things that did not sit well with me. I moved on to another team and will look forward to playing against what is left of last years Shamrock. Some of the things that have been talked about in this post are true but means little for the future of the game. Mitch is giving people the chance to play the game again and for most that should be enough. For others take the time to move on and get what you are looking for out of the game. And your damn right Curt you sure are not an All American HA HA and i hope you work your butt off to stay healthy this year. Just don't play O man i'm head hunting this year bro. Good luck to all the teams this year and i will say GO CANES!!!!!

Re: History trying to repeat itself

Hey Chicken Little, I got something here for you. It is a three step plan. First, take up jogging in your off-season workout plan. Running is a great way to get your heart in shape for the stress of the upcoming fotball season. Second, yoga. Flexibility is key to staying health after the pounding you take on the field, and it is proven the more flexible you are, the quicker and more agile you are. Third, spend some quite time alone, to really get you mind right and sharp, ready for the football season. And when you get in shape, really flexible, and are all alone, why don't you go f_ck yourself. I am not on here right because I just want to start shit or have nothing better to do, I am trying to get some answers so that I know what to do. I really want to be loyal to the shamrocks, it is where I played last year, and want to try to keep the good thing going, but if I can't get an answer to my question, then why bother. There is no field, there is not field to practice, there is no coach, there is about a $3000 bill for the jerserys from last year that never got paid, there is no line, there is no QB, people who are the "keys" to the shamrocks have been showing up at other teams tryouts, out of fear they are not going to have a team to play for. I sat the bench last year after having payed to try out, and paid players fees, just to see someone stroll in right before the first game who had played with the team before take my position. I bet last year you thought the IFL was going to be fine as well, and then two folded teams and 1 kick out team later, things were not so fine. I am here because there are about 20 guys who want to play, and are willing to give their season to the shamrocks, who I really think are going to get the shaft because the shamrocks will fold. At this point, since there has been no response, no "state of the team" address from the owners, I think I am done, out would encourage others that unless you want to play for a team where the biggest lineman is 200 pounds, and your key reciever is a jackass named Willy, you might want to look around.

Re: History trying to repeat itself

you know i dont know how someone can get on this site and just start rambling all this b/s. the shamrock have had two team meetings so far and two practices. if u would have been at ne of the four u would know wut is goin on. dont say that u didnt know bout them cuz i know for sure that the meetings were posted on here and that there were alot of people called about them. the practices maybe not. but if u would just give mitch or matt a call then u would know wut is goin on and when. so instead of sitting back waitin y dont u do something if u really want to play. i am not by any means talkin shit on here bout any one. oh yea hey clarence no worries man. it would just be nice to see u on the opposite side of the ball. i am sure that u will be an impact player on ur defense and i wish the canes the best of luck this year along with all the ifl teams

Re: History trying to repeat itself

I use the Wii to get in shape, im tellin ya that tennis and boxing wear u down lmao, na but ona serious note why u guys pickin on the shamrock lol i mean from the looks of it i guess i could understand the situation as we went thru our own, but is there really any need to slam em?? my advice let it be what it is, hell if anything as pissed as u guys seem, im assuming ur ex players or something, you should hope they field a team and have the luxory of showin whas up. theres a lot of talented teams in the IFL, and not knockn the rock, but they should be the least of ur worries last i checked the IFL titles been in bloomington the last 3 years, matter of fact several players have had it the last 5.

as for history repeating itself, hasnt it year after year already lol i think this year does have the strongest chance of not happening ya never know tho either way there should be no worries its still gona be a deep and talented league, quality ball is gona be played week after week across the board it seems to me, its gettin closer and closer fellas and im gettin more and more anxious lol best of luck to all teams!

Re: History trying to repeat itself

I have not posted on here becuase no matter what is said, there are people out there who will take everything you say & interpret it in their own way. I no longer can let this post go on without stating The SHAMROCK (notice no son the end) side.

First of all this is Mitchell Frantz, of course you already know that but I will state my name...

If you would like to know the truth, then why have you not called me yet? The only player from last years squad that has called me to let me know he was moving on to another ream was Mike Dawson. He & I had about a half an hour conversation & I thanked him for playing for The Shamrock & wished him all the best as he prepares himself for the 2010 season with the Panthers. Other than that, Curtis Bell was the only one who has had the courtesy to call me to let me now he will not be returning for 2010.

Listen up everyone, I have no ill feelings towards anyone who wishes to play for another team. You need to make the right decision for yourself. If you are not happy where you are, then by all means change something. You, nor the team, will benefit from the fact that you are not happy, but still continue doing the same thing. Don't force yourself to play where you are not comfortable. Are we not grown men playing a game that we all are supposed to love??? I love playing football no matter the score. If you are not happy with The Shamrock, then I do apologize. I hope you do find happiness.

Now to speak about some of the things you have said in your post...

When we first started The Shamrock, I turned to Curtis Bell & told him you are the coach, I will not tell you who to play or what play to call. If you do not believe that then ask him yourself. I have not put myself above this team. I have sat the bench while listening to others about why they are not in the game. So just keep that in mind when you start saying things about who was playing & who was not.

Yes we lost a bunch of players from last years team. With the two meeting we have had, more & more people have shown up. If you played for us last year then you should most diffenitely know one thing, we will recruit more players every year. We were looking for players when we found the ones we lost & we are once again looking for players. This is semi-pro football. Very rarely do players stay year after year after year. The ones that do end up either winning the championship or at least in the game itself. Even though it can happen, very rarely do any team find lightning in a bottle. So, it does affect us to an extent when players leave, but that happens all the time, & we are rebuilding.

Now onto the team finances...
Do you handle the books??? How would you ever know what is what??? Oh, you must of just heard something or something from somewhere & from someone who knows someone that works with somebody or something to the nature... No, you don't know anything. Here we go, are you ready to know some truth???
There is no remaining balance for last years jersey. I really don't know where you got that from but you need to stop paying that informant of yours, his ia a liar. I personally paid $1,000 last year to sqaure the teams debt for the jerseys. Do you know how the team first recieve that debt??? I'm sure you don't, but let me tell you anyways. The first two years there has been a problem with some of the players not paying for their uniforms, therefore leaving everyone out to dry. We can not just go in & say "We want these uniforms but not those, because those players didn't pay." It doesn't work like that, did you know??? As of this moment in time there is NO debt. We have worked hard since the beginning to climb out of the red & get back in the black.

Can I ask you & everyone else a question? How many teams have made it through a season without any sponsorship funding??? Not many that I can think of nor do many want to. We did last year. People just do not realize the mental & financial stress of owning a sem-pro footbal team. My two brothers & I have worked hard year after year to have this team in Elkhart. We know we are not as organized as many teams in this league & we don't have the financial backing as they do either. But I will tell you this, we are not afriad to put in the work that it takes to play football on Saturdays. Have you come out on a Friday & spend all day prepping the field for the game? Have you helped put in the goal post? Have you helped with the cleanup & teardown on Sundays? Have you put in the sweat & time it takes? Look man, this thing is not easy.

To all the players that have made their decision to play for another team, I have no hard feelings towards any of you. I would like to thank each & everyone of you for the memories we have together. Good luck with your new team & I do truly hope you find what you are looking for, have fun...

I know you & you know me. Just pick up the phone & call me. Here is my email address if you don't have my number. Write me then I will write back with it.

Re: History trying to repeat itself

Well Curt for the Shamrock game i might need to go both ways just for you buddy LOL. I still like to say WHO ROCKS????????

Re: History trying to repeat itself

I am guessing by the lack of response, the truth seeker has found his truth, or else moved on.

When Mitch and the boys started up the Shamrock, I remember him saying that his goal was to bring football back to Elkhart County, and they have managed to keep it running for three years now. You might not agree with everything, but when do you ever agree with everything that is going on in your life and around your life.

I have been out there putting up the field goal poles, working on the score board, setting up tents and structures, painting the lines, and can tell you that those three fellows, in their own strange, sometimes dysfunctional way, find a way to get it done. It may not be pretty, but it got done.

Truth, it sounds like you were only aroud a year, and you think pretty highly of yourself. My advice to you is to go ahead and sign that NFL contract with the Bears, they have a field and a coach, maybe you will be better off there. I have spent 4 years playing with guys who whine like you, and truthfully, folks like you are more the problem then the issues you bring up.

Re: History trying to repeat itself

I would like to say Good Luck to the IFL and all of your teams this year on behalf of The Ohio River Bearcats.

The IFL itself is a well ran league with good people at the top and they will be fine.

To all you former MFL players and teams, kick some ass and give it all you got!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: History trying to repeat itself

IFL is a good ole boys league and y would you let 2 more teams in from elkhart to tear down a team that already exsits in your league? Ive heard bout the crfl a start up league with atleast 3 teams that can compete with the top teams in the ifl i hope that league has success. Call me an ifl hater yeah that i am hate the league and the decision makers in it!