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Big Announcement

We would like to announce something that we can help all teams and players in the state.

We know first-hand how hard it is find gear for players in semi-pro players. It’s not like you can walk in to dick’s sporting goods and buy your gear. You often have to spend hours looking online or in used sporting goods stores hoping to find something that you’re looking for and will most likely not be in the color that you need. New gear is often so expensive; it is usually the #1 factor that keeps new players away from our teams. We hope this offer can help change some of that.

After some research we are going to start selling Riddell Equipment on our website. We are selling this equipment at lower cost that Riddell’s website and others. Our price point was $225, so for that, you can get a quality inflatable helmet, facemask, chinstrap, shoulder and pant pads, all new. Unlike some discount website and e-bay, you get to 1) pick the color of your helmet 2) pick the style and color of your facemask 3) pick the color of your chinstrap. We have also included upgrades and premium choices such as Revolution Helmets for $25 more, better shoulder pads for $10, and so on.

The final option we are offering is called Team shipping. With shipping, the more you shipping at one time the lower the cost. So, you can select to ship your equipment with other orders, to a selected team representative, this will lower your shipping cost by as much as 50%.

Note: Orders make take 4-6 weeks to ship. The extended time allows us to offer such low prices. We also understand when practices start for each team and will try to get your equipment to you before then. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at you can now also text us on your cell-phone at 317-426-0863 Also we need a representative from each team that is willing to become the team shipping receiver. They will receive small payment (lunch money) for each received order for their work in making this possible.

So take a look at what we are offering and share this site with your new players.