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Bill if i was you i wouldnt say anything about anybody on here because you is just down right garbage. I use to play with you and you are the biggest cry baby. You scared to get hit and u play offensive line. i think thats y all the quarterbacks of the wolverines took so much punishment. You suck just face the facts. just be wit your wife and dont bother stepin on the field because you are a waist of space. you and cecil weak ass.

Re: really?

please post your name chicken shit. if you can run your mouth put your name on it.thank you!

Re: really?

I know who it is. He's not worth responding to.

Re: really?

You know, the more I've been thinking about this, the more it galls me. I shouldn't even give consideration to replying but I just can't let it go.

I never said I was that great. I have said all along I am a mediocre player. Sometimes I have done ok, and sometimes I haven't. I've had to adjust to moving from guard to center and I'm a better guard. There are many, many guys out there who are far more talented than I am. I always said if someone comes on and was better than me, that they should start. In fact, I didn't want to start anyway. If you think I was so bad, why didn't you do some recruiting? To be honest, I think I held my own many times on that line against guys who were more talented than I was. Hell, I just turned 38. I think to be able to hold up a guy who is 20 years younger than I am was pretty damn good. I never did this for recognition or glory. I always did it for fun.

As for being afraid of getting hit, well that's a damn lie. I have gone up against guys with way more talent than you have and have taken my fair share of hits. If you really think I'm scared of it, meet me on the field and I'll show you exactly how scared I am.

I have made a lot of friends in semi-pro over the last 4 or 5 years. I've gotten to know a lot of guys on different teams and even in different leagues. I have gained a lot of respect at this level and I don't need your approval or opinion. I know what my contribution to semi-pro football is and if it wasn't for those of us who sacrifice our time, our effort, and our money, you wouldn't have a place to play. You're a joke. Get over yourself.

Re: really?

Hey Bill, don't let this crap get to you man. Responding only gives them want they want... a response. Best to ignore half this shit on this board anyways. If someone doesn't understand the time and effort you put in to your team, then they shouldn't have your ear to begin with.
Keep up the good work.

Re: really?

Bill, like the other Brothers have said, don't let it bother you, his nick say's it all "x-mfl" you played to 38 x is what in his 20's would be my guess,keep the thoughts of your team mates that you love and forget this guy, and I know about the age creeping up, this will be my last season at 45, Love and Respect, Zartman #50 Indiana Hitmen

Re: really?

dont let this bother you either...


jk bill

take some advice from the bastard of supa land