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Player Insurance-Starting at $17.30 Per Month


After seeing a horrific injury in a Tri-State Titans game back in 2008 happen to an uninsured player, I fell that I need to share this option with everyone on this board. Please share this information with whom it may apply on your team. I found out about XSI Insurance this past weekend at our GMFL League Meeting. I am still gathering information and will have more contact information to post soon, but you can learn more about their options that are available to you at the following website:

I have attached some FAQ's from their website below. If you are a Semi-Pro Football Player and don't have any insurance coverage, it ain't going to get any better than this!!!


Does XSI really cover extreme sports injuries?

Yes. Until now, no other company has been able to offer insurance for action and extreme sports athletes. We know that playing hard means taking physical risks and often losing out on important medical coverage. If you live an active lifestyle and participate in progressive sports, XSI has your injuries covered.

What about traditional sports like football or soccer?

You are covered by XSI at all times! Nearly every sport is covered by XSI.

What If I break my ankle walking down the stairs?

Again with XSI you are covered 24/7 . You don’t have to be participating in sports to use XSI.

How does it work?

Participating in progressive sports should mean having a progressive insurance plan that keeps up with your lifestyle. If you get injured while participating in a sport and fork over any cash for medical treatment, XSI will cut you a check for injury-related expenses. Even if you have a major health insurance plan, XSI will still reimburse you to help pay those medical bills, compensate for lost time at work or anything else you need to use the money for.

I am uninsured. Why should I have insurance?

Why not? As if spending time in the doc’s office or the emergency room isn’t stressful enough, that little bump on your head might set you back a month’s worth of rent, a weekend trip to Vegas and a few weeks sidelined from your sport. Injuries are expensive – we get that. While we can’t help you heal any faster, we can help take the edge off financial stress relating to your injury.

Are we talking about health insurance?

No, this is accident insurance. Unlike major health insurance companies, XSI pays you – not the doctor. After your injury happens, you submit a short form and receive a check in the mail. We recommend that all XSI customers have health insurance, but even if you don’t, XSI offers different plans to help you maximize your benefits when an injury happens.

What if I recently had a broken bone, surgery or hospital stay?

All the more reason to be insured by XSI. You won’t be turned away because of any prior or pre-existing medial issues.

When am I eligible to receive benefits?

Right now. As long as you can still perform the majority of your job duties, you are eligible for accident insurance immediately.

Does my height and weight combination matter?

Not at all. In fact, any pre-existing medical conditions are not an issue.

Am I actually going to get a check in the mail?

Yes, we aren’t kidding. Show us documented proof of your injury, and we’ll cut you a check.

How much will this cost me?

Plans start at $17.30 per month. We aren’t talking about big money here— that’s the cost of a large pizza!

Ok, that’s not expensive now, but you’ll raise my rates when I actually get injured, right?

No way. We don’t believe that action sports athletes are any higher of a liability than someone with a clean driving record, so your rates will never increase after submitting an injury-related claim.

Re: Player Insurance-Starting at $17.30 Per Month

Re: Player Insurance-Starting at $17.30 Per Month

good link thanks

Re: Player Insurance-Starting at $17.30 Per Month

Here is a link to the football coverage brochure.