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2010 is Here

What a day today was. Spring was in the air, the snow is all gone which only means Semi-Pro Football is just a few months away.

IndianaSemiProFootball is back for another year and we are bigger and better than ever. This year we are including all the teams in Indiana and all the teams in the Indiana Based Leagues of the IFL and CRFL. Speaking of which we welcome the CRFL to the site. After a much debated off season, it seems that teams have rearranged and we have a new structure to Semi-Pro in Indiana. We now have 4 outstanding levels of Semi-Pro Football Leagues. Each team has seemed to find their way into the level that best suits their needs.

We have lost a few teams in the off season including the Rage, the Warriors, and the Crush. Our next project is will be announced in the next month about how we intend to build and keep a history of semi-pro football in Indiana.

We also welcome three new teams to the State including the Hitmen, the Hurricanes, and the Renegades. They join the Indiana League teams outside the state on our site including the Blaze, the Panthers, the Outlaws, the Force, the Midwest Force, the Raiders, and the Knights. To all welcome. We hope you find as useful and as entertaining as so many did last year.

We have included Maps for all the leagues in the area found in the info section for each league. Believe it or not, NOT every team list a home field address, so we did the best we could. We also have the first round of schedules coming in from Preseason to the full league schedules for the GRFL and MSFL. Check it out at our master schedule.

This weekend we will announce our first contest of the season, so stay tuned. Did I also mention we are selling full Riddell Gear Kits, fully customizable, starting at $225. This hopefully helps the new players from every team find an alternative for buying gear this season.

Please let us know if we have anyone’s information wrong by sending us an e-mail to

We look forward to another exciting year of football.


Re: 2010 is Here

Great site - keep up the good work.

Two IN teams in the AFL '10!

Jay Co Panthers

Naptown Scorpions

(We've contacted the Scorpions and asked that our logo be removed from their website - not too sure why it was there in the first place).

Re: 2010 is Here

Man get off it. That is the Chi Town Blaze. You trip'n over a damn logo that has been used like 10 times.

Re: 2010 is Here

Thanks Jason. This team was totally off our radar. Another team we need to verify is the Yellow Jackets team. According the NAFL, they are under consideration for membership. Is this an actual team?

Re: 2010 is Here

Man get off it. That is the Chi Town Blaze. You trip'n over a damn logo that has been used like 10 times.

Mr "Scorpion" -
The logo is orginal art by J.Brooks Pritchett, co-Founder of the Battle Creek Blaze, and is a registered trademark with the United States Library of Congress.

We kindly asked that it be removed, via Randy's Facebook and the website guest book - as no other means of contact were supplied.

If you have seen this logo used "ten other times" than those uses are also in violation of our organization's rights. Please advise so that I might investigate such claims.

Should our request continue to be ignored, we will take the proper steps to ensure that our work is not being used to benefit those without our consent.

While unauthorized logo usage is common among semi-pro football teams, we hope that professionalism and respect for our product would supercede any convenience. In no way have we eluded to the Chi-town Blaze using or being represented by our artwork - simply that our logo exists on the Scorpion page and needs to be removed.

I am not one to get into message board battles - so if you, or anyone else needs to follow up with information regarding this topic, please contact us through the website

Good luck and good health,

Jason Doubleday
Battle Creek Blaze

PS: Supa - how about helping me out with an IP address from Mr.Scorpion and his make-believe email address?