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Cheers To the NFL's Overtime Rule Change

Today, the NFL changed the overtime format in post-season games to a "modified sudden death." In this new format, a FG on the first possession of the extra period will NOT win the game- teams must score a TD to win the game on the first possession. A similar rule is up for discussion to extend the change to the regular season.

No disrespect to our kickers, but I like this rule change a lot, and would be interested to see if any of our area leagues would be willing to go from their current approach and adopt this new rule. It seems to me to be a great compromise between the college and current NFL overtime formats.

Re: Cheers To the NFL's Overtime Rule Change

I myself have never been a fan of the "Sudden Death" format. The coin toss is so unpredictibale and while its a 50/50 chance it still should not come down to a heads or tails. Then some will say well you just have to play great defense but thats crap. The new improved rule is a step in the right direction but I think it should be for both playoffs and regualr season so hopefully they make that change. I myself am a fan of the college OT procedure.

Re: Cheers To the NFL's Overtime Rule Change

I hate that they changed the rule. I loved the sudden death format. Each team has 4 quarters to win a football game. I know the coin toss is random, but thats why the game is played in 3 phases: offense, defense and special teams. If your team don't win the coin toss, then they have to play defense. With this new rule, I feel that all the league is saying is that offense is what is most important. Just my opinion.

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