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Preseason games

Been kind of slow on the site as of late. I got a question for the teams. Since I cant play this year I will be catching some games in early June and July. So what are all the Preseason games that the CRFL,IFL & MSFL teams have this year. thank you have a good day.

Re: Preseason games

I did notice something. the jay co. panthers are playing the Outlawz and Hitman both on the same day may 22nd does someone have their site wrong?

Re: Preseason games

no thats right they play a double header, theres a thread down below thst says jay co.panthers in a double header may 22nd.

Re: Preseason games

The Lake County Steelers are playing the following preseason games:

June 12th LC Steelers @ KC Mustangs (Triton HS)

June 19th LC Steelers Vs Chicago Thunder (TBD)

June 26th Indiana Mustangs @ LC Steelers (Portage HS)