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Any news on the CRFL

I was just checking in on the CRFL, I know you guys said you were having your final meeting on teams on the 10th, just checking to see if you added any more teams?

Re: Any news on the CRFL

so i take it that you didn't add any more teams? or did everyone from the crfl get their net turned off and cant respond?

Re: Any news on the CRFL

I'm sorry, I didn't realize your question was time sensitive and required an immediate response.
I tried to email you with an answer, but...

For clarification pruposes, we did not have a meeting on the 10th but had set the 11th as the cut-off date for new team applications. We did have several teams apply to join our league but ultimatley didn't feel that any of these teams would be a good fit for the CRFL, or that the CRFL would be a good fit for those teams.

We do have a meeting scheduled for 4/25 for the 7 member teams that we currently have. At that meeting we will work out details on our schedule, rules, finances, etc.