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Fan Pre-Season Rankings Poll[

In less than a month, the whistle for the first game of the season will sound and the 2010 season of Semi-Pro Football will begin.

The number of teams this year in Indiana have approached a record, due in part not because teams have split, altho that has still be the case, but in part that the actual popularity of this level of football continues to grow. It is my belief that this growth has been attributed to the raise in the internet and social media. Semi-Pro Football has always been a word of mouth business, and now with facebook, the groups of people that discover semi-pro football have increased in uncountable ways.

Also now posted is the Fan Pre-Season Rankings Poll. Where do you think each team ranks? Unlike our last poll, you will need to take the time to rank every team in the state. Before people start to complain how this isn’t fair, let me say this now. THIS IS FOR FUN people and if you don’t like where your team is ranked, prove everyone wrong; you have all season to do so.

The poll will be open for two weeks.

Counting down the weeks and days till we are in full swing of semi-pro football in 2010,