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Guys the time has come for retirement. Ive played ball most my life and have had some of the greatest times doing it. The guys ive played against know me well. I truly wish i could keep going but its not possible the doc said 1 more hit and thats all she wrote.
I played for the WRANGLERS, and RAIDERS and this yr the FORCE. I really enjoyed playin the stangs, cutters, Crush, Gen... i hope and pray for the best for the IFL this yr. Its been a great home.
THanks again everyone, Left Guard #71 Big Mike

Re: Retirement

Big Mike are time together was short, but on behave of Andrew Davis the Midwest Force Board and myself we wish you the best of luck in all endeavors that come your way. Also my offer to you is and will always be on the table, take sometime away, enjoy your family. We will keep in contact

Tyler Peckham
Midwest Force V.P.

Re: Retirement

If I know Mike well enough, he may be talked into one last farewell appearance this season.

Either way, best of luck.

Re: Retirement


Come say hi when we visit the Force on July 10th.

Re: Retirement

wont miss the opener. wont play but will be there