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Jay Co Panthers Boycott

Last year we suspended Jay Co Panthers from our site because they switched leagues from the GLFL to the GIFA. After following them through 3 different leagues this year, we figured they finally settled on a respectable league in the AFL. Now, it seems from all available sources they have switched back again to the GIFA. was started to promote every team in Indiana and the Indiana Semi-Pro Community. We are unique and to my knowledge no other state has a resources quite like ours.

Its to this end to continue to support this the we will no longer post information pertaining to the Jay Co. Panthers. We will no longer list them on our site.

The damage done to countless local teams and leagues the past two years has been staggering. Never should a team accept scheduling for 3 different leagues a one time, or switch leagues is last in the off-season. And its not been done once, but two years back to back.

So IndianaSemiProFootball is organizing and supporting a boycott against the Jay Co Panthers. We hope teams from around the state join in and stand up to this type of destructive ownership management and show that this type of behavior is unacceptable in this Semi-Pro Community.