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Pirates Still Looking for Players

With the few of the teams folding or near folding in the area, we would like to announce that the Madison Co Pirates are still looking for players for the 2010 season. We have a solid team forming are looking for those last few players that are able to give us depth across the field and provide us strength into the 4th quarter.

All players will need to a certain number of practices, pay half of their player fees, and stay current on a payment plan before they are eligible for participation in any game.

If you have any questions contact Defensive Coach Crim, Offensive Coach Corey Thompson, or General Manager John Jackson. All their contact information is located on the Staff Page of the our website at

We look forward to our upcoming games in the month of June with the Cardinals and the Stampede and are preparing for our first season back in the IFL.

Re: Pirates Still Looking for Players

Well guess what so are all the other teams in Indiana so they can go where they want plus you dont even want the players on your team. Black balling them because they dont have money. Go pay some more of your bills with Pirates players fee.

Re: Pirates Still Looking for Players

This is not an official release from the Pirates, as I am not on the Board nor do I hold any title. This is simply my $.02 on the matter....

I've been on the Pirates for the last 3 years and know for a fact that all of the Pirates financial books are ALWAYS open for any/all team members to view. Most people who look at team finances would be shocked to see how much personal money (beyond player fees) board members have put into and continue to put into the organization. If you're on the team and want to see, just ask the treasurer or GM.

As far as black balling players that don't have money, you are mistaken. Pirates team members who signed the player agreement know/have known that money is due at certain points in the year. All that is asked is that players set up a payment plan with our treasurer and stick to it. We've been asked to do this since the callout meeting back in February. If you can't afford to pay a nominal fee to play football, then maybe you should reevaluate your financial priorities or stop playing football. You are a grown man so try to act like it.

And yes, any player can seek out any team that he sees fit. Our General Manager is simply extending the offer to those players who are still seeking a team, or who are looking for a team better suited for them. But it's a free county, so keep spilling the hateraid all over supa fan's site... The 2010 Pirates will be fine without your approval.

Lucas Howard
#59, OL

Re: Pirates Still Looking for Players

So does your team allow player to play for FREE. Hell sign me up!

Just like all team, that I know of, as their player to pay some sort of player fee. The cost of keeping any football team operational is significant.

We have asked our current players for a min. payment of $10 or an explanation of when they can begin to make payments toward their player fees, to continue to attend our current practices. Those that cannot accomplish a simple task, after beening informed that such deadline would come for two months, simply have been called out and we are awaiting action on their part.

We ask for a full payment of $180 for our new players. That includes the new player fee of $100 for a high quality game jersey, practice jersey, game pants, t-shirt. This also includes the player fee of $80 for practice and game field rental, league fees, field pant, mouthpieces, belts, equipment repair, game-day expenses of a trainer, announce, lights, field supplies, and security.

For players that need help with covering their player fees, we allow payment plans so that one would only have to pay $10 a week or $20 every two weeks. We also allow or players to find and allow sponsors to pay their player fees in return for free advertising.

Each month the team is given a budget update at our monthly Brethren Court Meetings and our books are open, meaning I will gladly show you every cent the team takes and spends. All income for the team is accounted for by our treasurer, and all receipts are kept for all expenses.

And I will never apologize for advertising the Pirates Team in a public forum, the same in which you spill your hater-aid. Your hate may be strong, but the pirates organization is by far much stronger.

GM - John Jackson

Re: Pirates Still Looking for Players

Best of luck to the Pirates as a team and an organization. Hope you guys have a great season.

Re: Pirates Still Looking for Players

Thanks rock, I hear you guys picked up some players recently and good luck to you also in the upcoming season.

And for the Hater at the top. Go right ahead and hate that just means we got your attention if your following us that close, looks like we got us a stocker boys lol. Let that hate flow hell hate all you want but we all know you wish you were playin on a quality team with quality players and quality coaches.

Can't we all just get along

seriously though good luck to all the teams out there. Have a safe and fun season.

Re: Pirates Still Looking for Players

Oh yea and JJ quit stealing our money to pay your bills

Re: Pirates Still Looking for Players

Appreciate it man. The Titans brought some real talent from the MSFL. I can't wait to play with these guys. We really do have alot of potential, but I don't know how anyone else looks. So, good luck to everyone. Keep it safe, stay classy and let's play some ball.

Re: Pirates Still Looking for Players

Well dang you guys hurt my feelings now . I better walk the plank or I might be hung up by my booties. Im just some jerk who likes to start stuff and get the o'l black pearl sails raised and the shipmates eye patches raised.
I know who JJ is and I just don't like him and the way he does things. I did play for the pirates last season so I know how he does things. Im not a great player or anything special. Now as for wishing I played for a good team with good players and good coaches, how do you know I don't play for the Cutter,Tornadoes or Generals? Are the pirates better than those teams? Do you have better players than them? Do you have better Coaches than them? You talk a lot of shit but you wont step up and play the Tornadoes will you? HELL NO. So shut up and grow a nutt sack and play the tornadoes. As for the cutters and Generals you will find out real quick when you play them that your not on their level.

Re: Pirates Still Looking for Players

Please don't stop your hate I love it.

And as for "So shut up and grow a nutt sack" why not post your name for all to see, scared of something?

And yea the Pirates will be playing some good teams this year not just the Generals and Cutters, the IFL is full of good teams and this is going to be a great season.

How do I know you don't play for those teams, because your scared to post your name, anyone man enough to play in the IFL would post their name.

Thanks for playing, and don't stop the hate my message board hater

Re: Pirates Still Looking for Players

He just doesn't wanna play with the Pirates anymore cuz he wasn't good enough to get any playing time and he rode the bench. Hahaha.