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Supa Prediction??

Supa will you be making a prediction and sharing your words of wisdom on a game that seems to top of all the others this preseason, Lima Warriors @ Detroit Ravens Sat. May 15 7pm kickoff

Re: Supa Prediction??

so bobby i will have to go with the ravens on this one they really handed you guys your worse defeat ever last season when thay beat you 35-7 last year so i am going to say the final score on this game will be 28-14 ravens

Re: Supa Prediction??

I do wish the Warriors good luck as they open the 2010 campaign, but as a reminder, I don't start calling games until mid-late June.

By all means, though, make sure to let us know how things come out.

Good luck!

Re: Supa Prediction??

Warriors 35 Ravens 28