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Reminder - Report scores

Just a reminder that you need to report your scores before 10am CST on Monday....

With there being so many leagues now in action; I don't (and won't) have time to look up your scores and I definitely will NOT post previous scores due to you forgetting, computer crashing, flat tire or any other reasons listed in the book of 101 reason why I didn't get it done.

Also: please do not text me your scores either!

I want to make this as accurate as possible but it will take everyone's cooperation in reporting scores by the deadline provided. (Again the deadline for reporting scores is no later than 10am CST every Monday)

As always I am always willing to answer any question you may have regarding the rankings and standings. If you have any question please call (618) 223-0446.

FYI:: rankings and standings are posted every Wednesday before 2p CST....

Best of luck to everyone this season.

Anthony McCormick
SemiPro BCS National Rankings Creator and Administrator