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Two Teams Fold

The Indiana Cardinals have folded as announced on the CRFL's fourm.

The Grand Rapids Thunder have also folded.

Re: Two Teams Fold

That explains why the Cardinals called their preseason game off. Thanks for the update! Sorry to hear teams are going down so early.

Re: Two Teams Fold

wow that is a suprise update about the grand rapids thunder they been together for a long time i wonder why founded

Re: Two Teams Fold

The Thunder were one the best teams in the nation just 5 years ago. Like the COL and the Chiefs and the Broncos, it's hard to imagine a Semi-Pro world without them.

As far as the Cardinals go, it seems to be a symptom of just too many teams in Eastern Indiana/Western Ohio. It won't be too long until another powerhouse emerges from the FTW- it's only a matter of time.