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college football

can a semi pro football player that has been playing for a couple of years still play college football, if they stop playing semi pro football

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My understanding from the NCAA on this is that as long as you are not paid, (and who of us ever are..even announcers and board members) you can still meet eligibility. But I am willing to bet that the college coach doesn't want you playing semi-pro.

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someone can correct me if im wrong, but for every year you play semi-pro football you lose that year of eligibility for the NCAA

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You lose one year of eligibility for every season you play after the age of 21

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i read up on it and most of the people that has answered that questioned said that you can still play as long as your not getting paid in semi pro football

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The NCAA considers all uncompensated competition to be amateur and therefor to have no impact on eligibility. Age also has no impact on eligibility. Theoretically, you could play Semi Pro ball for 10 years- go to college and not play ball- then go to IU Law school. If you'd never played in college before anywhere and never been compensated, you'd have 4 years of eligibility to play at IU. The only restriction- and this is true across institutions- is that you must complete your eligibility 6 calendar years after you first compete- regardless of circumstances. So while you could theoretically not play your first NCAA game till you were 35, you'd have to play your last by the time you were 41, even if you transferred.

There are a couple of recent examples of older guys doing this. There's a guy who is 34 who just finished up at Ball State and several years ago there was a guy in his early 40s who walked on (and made the team) at the University of South Carolina.

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Yes Shrock your are correct, I have called NCAA HQ here in Indy and their response was every calendar year after you turn 21 is one year lost of eligibility. See the post on there a while back about a U of Nebraska lineman.

The loophole is proof, if you have a roster posted online then it can be search and saved. Every webpage is archived at least once a month my the internet archive. But really someone has to care enough to do the in depth research. playing for a Div 2 or low Div 1, no one should really care.

The NCAA HQ also said that if you play on the same team of players being paid to play, even if you aren't being paid, that you will loose eligibility altogether, but again its the proof that the difficult thing here.

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so i cant play college football because ive played in semi pro football for the past 5 five yrs

Re: college football just depends on how old you are... has to do with are you talking Div 1 (sorry just aint used to the FBS stuff yet)

NAIA dont use that rule and my understanding Div 3 has a different rule as well.

Alot of commotion has come about due to the Nebraska Linebacker (post mentioned above) and that was because when Nebraska was playing Florida State in a bowl game 2 years ago, it was mentioned on TV and Florida State filed a appeal because of the Rule.
My understanding is Florida didnt win the appeal, but the guy lost his last year of elgiblity and is currently suing the NCAA stating that he didnt play semipro ball after the age of 23.
He entered this years draft but i dont know if he was drafted or not. I actually forgot his last name but I'm pretty sure his first name is Mile and his last name starts with a B.

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I'm afraid you got incorrect information. There is no age restriction associated with competition in the NCAA (at any division). There are a number of athletes every year who are in their late 20s who play college football and a few even older as I mentioned above. Just as a quick example most will remember, Chris Weinke played at FSU after a long minor league baseball career. He was a 25 year old freshman and played his last game at FSU a couple months shy of his 29th birthday.

The only dates that matter with respect to NCAA competition are the dates AFTER the first NCAA sanctioned event you participate in (in any sport). There is a 6 year running clock from that point forward. You could theoretically begin your college football career at 72 years old- again, as long as you complete your eligibility by the time you are 78.

If you're currently playing Semi-Pro ball and want to go to college (many guys do it every year) just focus on maintaining your amateur status (and being able to document it) not your age.

Good luck.

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You are correct about the eligibility for college football to happen within 6 years of initial enrollment at any age.

What I am speaking about is highlighted in this article.

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Joe Butcher lost his eligibility for Oregon for playing to many years with the Lima warriors.