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Games for June 5th

Hope everyone had as great and restful weekend. We have 4 games on the docket this weekend. 2 for week 2 in the GRFL, and 2 pre-season games. Go Vote now at theFan Prediction Center for how you think will win each match. A Note about pre-season games: Pre-season games are a way for us to measure strengths and weaknesses between different leagues. Yes, many pre-season games have other alternatives such as player rotations and fix the broken links, but they allow a unique opportunity to judge teams vs other leagues and yes the score does not always tell the story at these games. If you have a pre-season game not yet listed in our master schedule, please post it and we will added them. If your pre-season game is a controlled scrimmage, w/o refs and/or a clock, please also let us know as these games do not get counted on our site for scores and rankings.

Polls are open till Friday Night. Go Vote atFan Prediction Center

Games on the Schedule:

GMFL: Greatlakes Wolfpack vs Tigers
GMFL: Kings vs Bearcats
Pre-Season: Renegades vs Generals
Pre-Season: Hitmen vs Steelers

Re: Games for June 5th

Just curious I thought the Pirates are playing the yellow jackets? I was going to travel to see both teams in action.Is this still going to happen? It is listed on the pirates site as a game ????

Re: Games for June 5th

Yes, we are playing the Yellow Jackets, but it's not a game. It's a controlled scrimmage to help both teams prepare for the start of their seasons.

Re: Games for June 5th

Yes Lucas you are correct. The game will be a controlled practice scrimmage 10 plays each side from xx yard and so on. There will be no accommodations made for any fans at the event.

Re: Games for June 5th

The Kings have folded.

We are now playing the Arkansas Wildcats.

Re: Games for June 5th

My apologizes for not responding earlier, have been out of town all week on vacation.

We can only exhaustive search everyone's website to update the master schedule twice. It takes near all day. We have not made our second pass yet do to fact the CRFL has yet to released a schedule.

If you could be check you team's listing on our master schedule and let us know if we have missed and games, or if any games have changed.

Thanks, and go vote this week at the Fan Prediction Center

Re: Games for June 5th

There is no CRFL, there are only 3 teams in that league that have enough players and funds to play, thats why there is no schedule they dont have enough money to get off the ground. and let them say they do all day this if inside information.

Re: Games for June 5th

Let me first say "CRFL" check your sources.
There are 6 teams committed and ready to play this season in the CRFL.
All teams have had a tentative schedule for nearly 2 months now, they were also advised that they will have a revised schedule by Monday which we will try and have finalized by the end of next week.
The owners have known exactly what is going on, and set the timeline themselves.
So for someone to keep trying to undermine this league, and its member teams, is irresponsible and completly uncalled for.
As usual, if you have any questions, concerns, complaints, or ideas on how to help advance Minor League Football, contact me using the info attached.