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The Lake County Steelers vs The KC Mustangs

We want to thank The Lake County Steelers for making the trip to Triton. The 51-13 score was meaningless to both teams, but what each team learned about themselves is invaluble. Don Gambrel and Bob Crowder are two gentlemen who showed a lot of class. When you have games like we had today and keep your players out their trying the hardest to make plays and keep working shows that the players respect them.
We also want to thank our fans for coming out today. It was hot and humid to start, then it ended with a HUGE thunderstorm. Thank God no one was hurt.
Great game Mustangs!!!

Re: The Lake County Steelers vs The KC Mustangs

Thanks for the Game...Wish you and the Mustangs nothing but success this season...Looking forward to hosting you next year...