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Tornados Open on the Road Against Columbus Fire (MCFL)

Season Kicks off with Road Game against Columbus
The Indianapolis Tornados face the Columbus Fire in Ohio this Saturday

For release- June 22, 2010

COLUMBUS, Ohio- Saturday, June 26 will mark the first scheduled game of the Indianapolis Tornados’ 2010 season. The season opener will be against the Columbus Fire at Columbus, Ohio. Kickoff will take place at 6:45 p.m. at Reynoldsburg High School Stadium. In addition to the game, the Fire organization is hosting Family and Friends Night that evening.

According to team president Evan Triggs, the Tornados and Fire have some “bad blood” between them due to a rivalry sparked from previous seasons. The Tornados were beaten by the Columbus Fire in 2008, the same season that the Tornados went on to win the North American Football League championship. Head coach Jerry Senter remains optimistic, and believes a loss in Ohio will not happen again this season.

“Our pre season preparation was motivated and directed by the pledge from the players, coaching staff, and the entire Tornados family to once again become the national champions. We understand that this is a very daunting and difficult journey, but it's a journey we gladly take on,” Senter said. “The Columbus Fire team poses the first obstacle in our quest to reach the national championship, and as such we take no team for granted.”

Coach Senter is anticipating a terrific battle, one in which the fans will surely enjoy.

“We are prepared to play Tornados football and it should be an outstanding game,” Senter said. “We are ready to strap it up and get it on.”

The Indianapolis Tornados are a minor league football team with a rich history and an intense commitment to the community. The Tornados won the North American Football League championship in 2008, the largest minor league football organization in the country. Players from top colleges joined the Tornados for a shot at professional aspirations. For more information about the team and organization log on to The home opener is 7 p.m. July 10.

Re: Tornados Open on the Road Against Columbus Fire (MCFL)

Sounds like it will be a great contest. Make sure to share the details of this one!