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Message to teams about their website

Hello Indiana semi-pro football community. My name is Alex Mourer and I play for the Ohio River Bearcats and I also run their website

Some semi-pro teams have great websites that they take a lot of pride in but most look like the type of football we play, semi-pro. Most people don't understand the advantages of having a well maintained, appealing website that provides up to date information to your fans. Semi-pro teams don't get outstanding media coverage on the local news and we don't ever get featured on ESPN or anything like that so its vital to put out your own high lights, information and stats so that your fans have something to read about or watch and so that they know you are still a team and haven't folded

Another thing to consider is making your website work for you. If you push your website hard at your games, in the media and just about everywhere you can then you can drive up the traffic on your site. If you drive up the traffic then you can start selling advertising space on different areas of your site and usually get a nice piece of change for it. ($150-$200 for just their logo on a prime spot on your website)

Just an example, since we started with our new way of advertising and pushing our media resources on the web and other ways we have had games with 1,500-2,000 people in attendance. I am not saying that that was all due to the website and the online media that we do but I think it helps quite a bit in getting your name out and establishing a fan base. We are just trying to be a little less "semi" and a little more professional.

If anyone would be interested in using my web design services you can visit my portfolio at and you can see all the different work I have done for the Bearcats and what I could do for your team. You can also email me at

Thanks for your time, and good luck to all teams on a successful season.
Alex Mourer

Re: Message to teams about their website

I have also been working on a website for the DC Explosion. It is just the layout so the links do not work