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Wildcats? 7-10

Did the wildcats have a game? I know the Raiders bailed out but thought they picked up a game anyway?

Re: Wildcats?

Wildcats 49
Renegades 8

Re: Wildcats?

I dont think the Raiders bailed out! I belive they were kinnda forced out of the league 3weeks before season started. Maybe league was worried about there lack of numbers, i dunno. All i know is, now all teams have to try and fill those dates and even if Raiders had low numbers atleast the teams had those games to play! The Raiders wouldnt have not played a game until they absolotley had no choice.I believ maybe instead of continuing to bash the Raiders the IFL board should be looked at!! Second year in a row they have screwed a team out of a season!! Maybe the Knights or the Raiders could have made it threw a season and that helped them recruit and get stronger as a team! The IFL is controlled but a few ppl at the meetings and usally most reps vote for what they want! Just my oppionion, i may have been guilty of it myself! Actually i know i am from when i let go of the Allstar game fight! I was one of the last to give that up!! Any way the IFL isnt perfect and bye no means were the Raiders but why do we still wanna run them throu the mud!!

Re: Wildcats?

Geez man your sure are trying to rewrite history. Where you in the IFL meeting when the Raiders were talked about. Hell no. I was, and I was the last person standing up for the Raiders for the very reason you stated.

But when the president, vice-president, and other members of a league called and e-mail the Raiders owner, he refused to respond. When the head coach has to respond and say, that they were not folding but no longer able to play in the IFL, what does that say about who is to blame.

If you want to be a part of any league, you must keep the lines of communication open and flowing if you expect to stay apart of it.