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July 17th Scores

Still Awaiting Scores in Bold

Bearcats @ Saints

Outlawz 12 @ Cutters 19
Force 8 @ Pirates 14
Wildcats 0 @ Generals 52
Wolfpack 20 @ Blaze 19
Shamrock 6 @ Hurricanes 40
KC Mustangs 50 @ Panthers 6

Steelers 0 @ Thunder 48

Greatlakes Wolfpack @ Hitmen
IN Mustangs 0 @ Yellowjackets 30

Re: July 17th Scores

wow all those blowouts

Re: July 17th Scores

Hitmen 22
Greatlakes Wolfpack 12

Good game but it was hot as hell.

Re: July 17th Scores

Actually, the weather would make hell seem like the arctic tundra.

Re: July 17th Scores

I am not sure it makes a difference,,, and it is not like it wasn't posted EVERYWHERE...but the KC Mustangs played at home last night against the Panters. Not the way it's been posted here.

Re: July 17th Scores

Saints 20 Bearcats 6