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This week in INSPF - July 24th

IT's another week which mean another week of Semi-Pro Football in Indiana. We are at full capacity this week as every team is the state is in action this weekend.

The CRFL has released it's schedule and officially picked up the Raiders to replace the Wolverines.

The full schedule for this weekend is below, and sorry about the mix up Mike, but someone tell the IFL that their schedule on their website does not match sporting standards. The home team is always after the @ or vs.

The Fan prediction center is hitting record numbers this year with over 140 votes last week and its running a correct % rate of near 70%. Supa, we're keeping track, your predictions have set a gold standard and we're seeing how the fan's pick fare. Go vote this week!

The rankings will be released tonight. There is more in the air than ever before. Honestly, keep this up IFL and we'll be pulling name from a hat to come up with the rankings.

July 24th -

Bearcats @ St. Louis Kings
Greatlakes Wolfpack @ Illinois Pirates

Cutters @ Pirates
Generals @ Midwest Force
KC Mustangs @ Blaze
Panthers @ Hitmen
Hurricanes @ Wolfpack
Wildcats @ Shamrock

Patriot @ Knights
Ohio Force @ Renegades
Raiders @ Blitz

Stampede @ Linconway Patriots
Plowmen @ Steelers

Tornadoes @ Saints
Yellowjackets @ Wolverines

Outlawz @ IN Mustangs

Re: This week in INSPF - July 24th

Polls open till Midnight Friday.

Re: This week in INSPF - July 24th

Glad to see the Raiders fond a place to call home !! I know they will give it there all Sat and can get the W!