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July 24 Scores

Need the scores for the Games in Bold

July 24th -

Bearcats 13 @ St. Louis Kings 12
Greatlakes Wolfpack @ Illinois Pirates (weather postponed)

Cutters 35 @ Pirates 40
Generals 35 @ Midwest Force 0
KC Mustangs 22 @ Blaze 32
Panthers 13 @ Hitmen 31
Hurricanes @ Wolfpack (weather postponed)
Wildcats 45 @ Shamrock 0

Patriot 72 @ Knights 0
Ohio Force 0 @ Renegades 28
Raiders @ Blitz

Stampede 6 @ Linconway Patriots 55
Plowmen 39 @ Steelers 0

Tornadoes 35 @ Saints 6
Yellowjackets @ Wolverines

Re: July 24 Scores

Wolfpack vs Hurricanes Game will be played today, Sunday at West Noble High School at 3:00. FREE ADMISSION

Re: July 24 Scores

Is this game scoreless, was any of it played before the weather?

Re: July 24 Scores

I had talked to my brother on the way home from our game and he stated the Wolfpack was up 7-0 in the first quarter with the Wolfpack driving on the Hurricane 4 yard line before the refs stopped the game due to lightening.

Re: July 24 Scores

Raiders at Blitz was weather postponed. I think they played 5 or 6 minutes of the first quarter. It will be played Labor Day weekend.

Re: July 24 Scores

wolfpack 28, hurricanes 25. good game pack!

Re: July 24 Scores

According to the Chicago Wolverines website their game with the Indianapolis Yellowjackets didn't happen. Looks like the Wolverines are taking a forfeit win. Here's a link to the website where I'm getting this info from.

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