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This week in INSPF - July 31st

It's another week in Indiana Semi Pro Football and things are really getting exciting this year. For some teams, they are just getting their season underway, for others, they are entering their home stretch before the playoffs, and yet for some teams, playoffs are still a month away but it’s do or die time this week.

The 2010 State Rankings have been updated for the week, the scheduled games for this week are listed below, and the Fan Prediction Center is ready for another week of voting.

July 31st -

St. Louis Spirit @ Bearcats
Falcons @ Greatlakes Wolfpack

Cutters @ Wildcats
Midwest Force @ Outlawz
Pirates @ KC Mustangs
Wolfpack @ Panthers
Hitmen @ Hurricanes
Blaze @ Shamrock

Knights @ Force
Renegades @ Raiders
Blitz @ Patriots

Stampede @ Plowmen

Tornadoes @ Chicago Wolverines
Storm @ Yellowjackets

Kings Comets @ Indiana Mustangs

Re: This week in INSPF - July 31st

if they were today
north 1) wolfpack 2) hitmen 3) blaze 4) hurricanes
south 1) generals 2) outlawz 3) pirates 4)force
who is missing? who here is listed that wont make it

Re: This week in INSPF - July 31st

Wouldnt it be the Mustangs in and the Hurricanes out along with the Wildcats in and Force out?

Re: This week in INSPF - July 31st



4)wildcats n force fight for 4th seed

Re: This week in INSPF - July 31st

Ok here is a question that should get some interesting answers.
What team will be the first team eliminated from the playoff picture. Beside the Panthers and Shamrock.
A Wildcat win this weekend could be fatal for the Cutters, with the Cats this week then a bye then the game with the Generals I'd say the team under the absolute most pressure to win this week is the Cutters. On the other hand it would be very interesting to see the Generals come to Bloomington with the chance to end their playoff hopes and remember they have the long trip to Battle Creek the next week thats a rough road for anyone. I know there are many opinions out there and it would great to see some of them on here.
Looking more and more like the North has really beefed up this season and the South has a couple of powerhouse teams as well.
I say the playoff picture gets much clearer Saturday night
I'll go with these North teams
#1 Wolfpack
#2 Blaze
#3 Hurricanes
#4 Hitmen
In the South I'll go with these teams
#1 Generals
#2 Outlawz
#3 Pirates
#4 Force
I was going to go with the Wildcats in the 4 seed but I remember reading in a thread on here that the Cutters have never in their history lost 2 games in a row so since they lost last week have to assume they win at the Wildcats this week. HOWEVER if the Wildcats win ( and thats a big if ) that would move them to the #4 seed in my prediction. Just not sure which Wildcat team shows up saturday night.