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IFL Online Newspaper

Hello, I just recently started writing articles for the Interstate Football League. Found this message board on many of the team’s sites, so I figured I would drop by and give everyone the website for IFL News.

I am pursuing a degree in journalism and web design. Long story short, I want to be a USAToday sports columnist, so I figured I have to start somewhere. Hope everyone who checks it out can find it useful and enjoy it. If you are an IFL team owner feel free to create a link on your website directly to the IFL News. Thanks

Richard Davis

Re: IFL Online Newspaper

Good luck with your future bro! Hope to read articles from you one day.

Re: IFL Online Newspaper

hey bro i checked your site out. its pretty cool. i was just wondering if you was only going to cover one game a week? also how did you choose the generals? i'm not hatin, but the hurricanes and the wolfpack was the game of the week last week. so i'm just wondering. it was a good article though!

Re: IFL Online Newspaper

LOL!!!thats funny because as i recall the cutters n pirates was the game of the weak n the score also shows it was the game of the week

Re: IFL Online Newspaper

Generals 15, Thank you for your support

Hurricane #5, Thank you for support as well, and let me try to answer your question. I do not plan on only covering 1 game a week, in fact I would be proud to write about every game each week. The reason the Generals game is the only game with a story, is because the Generals head coach was the only coach to respond to my email. I went to the IFL website before I started anything to get the coach information from each team. I am not sure if the emails posted are no longer the email they use, or if coaches just are not wanting to respond. With that being said, feel free to get your head coach's email and give it to me. This goes for everyone else on teams in the IFL. If you are a coach please email me so I have your information. Players, if your team did not have a story from week 3, talk to your coach and either send me the email, or have them email me themselves.

Thanks for the positive feedback guys. Good luck in week 4.