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Hello All!

Just wantd to say thank you for all the emails and texts I've gotten regarding missing our game analysis.
I had not really responded to many about why we had not been back this season, but wanted to let those concerned know.

I lost a couple writers and crew to other areas of media coverage and journalism. They, not myself were the ones who made it work.

Secondly, there was some talk that some of what we were heading towards was to disrupt or cause issues with the league itself.

This was never our intent, and it was never clear to us what it was we were thought to have done.

Even to this day..But there were never any harsh words said, so it was more than likely a misundertyping...

So with that, I did want to again, thank all who wrote in support and even scolding for my/our absence this year. Trust me, I am still at some games, and still have a few people who report what they've seen..And truth be told, this is INDEED one of the most competetive IFL seasons in years!

Yeah, I miss the Sherman TANK, Seeing JT's offense clicking, The Blitz Ravenous Defense, Doc from the Patriots, Engleking - and of course, Mike the Voice..but maybe by playoffs, with some help - I'll have a lil some put together...NO promises.

And yes, to those who asked, my wife still makes all the real decisions and a mean lemon pie....

Thanks guys! You are missed, but certainly not forgotten!