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Patroits win

Pats 27-Blitz 12 ...... G8

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Wins over the Blitz
Coach Tiny - 8/1/2010
Our frist home game was a great success at our new Field, winning 27-12 making the team 2-0. Chad and the offense got off to a slow start but they proved that would not be the case. Caleb Conrad and John Lee were work horses and with Chad throwing a 40 yard strike to Dc down field to set up a great TD. The Offence of the Patriots were all great as they made great blocks and also great runs. I look for them to improve with every game. The Defense was plaged by penalties. 45 yrs in the first outing and then 40 amore in the next. But after a rough start they picked it up and came back stopping a fake Punt and then an Interception. The Defense had a few new faces and they did a great job. Look for them to get stronger in the next few games ..
The team would like to thank the fan's for coming out and seeing your Indiana Patriots..

We would like you to say a prayer for Damion "DaDa" Arrington, whose Aunt pasted away and still came to play what great heart.

The Patriots play in Indy next week .

Re: Patroits win

Coach Lee-

Thanks for sharing this information- we're very happy to have the details from the game. I would ask that in the future, you post your game score and details in the thread above rather than in an individual thread. That way, more folks will see your information and we'll keep things around here better organized.

Re: Patroits win

Man yall go plaY SOMEBODY...thats the weakest league in history...