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July 31st recap

The CRFL is in full swing and it looks like a one team show.
Pat & Blitz
The pats seem to be in the driver seat and have the pedal to the floor. If the Blitz could not stop them no one will in the CRFL.
Riaders & Gades
The raider showed that they can compete with the numbers and talent on their roster. The renegades will be up and down all season unless they fix their offense.

Mustangs & Pirates
The mustangs proved that they are still in the hunt for the title. They need to get a few guys back and they will be fine. The pirates have some ticking time bombs, one went off how soon till the others do. Their defense is the truth and will keep every game close.

Wolfpack & Panthers no score yet

Blaze & Rock
More heart and talent this week out of the rock. They might be putting things togehter at the right time but it is a little to late.

Hurricanes & Hitmen
The North has been a all out battle this year. The hitmen showed they can back up all that talk. Maybe a little less talk and a little more action. The canes made a huge push for the playoffs.

outlawz & force
Home town battle refs .

Wildcats & Cutters
Good defensive game. A little sloppy at times but thats football. On a side night man it seemed like that game lasted forever and those light make you feel like your in amovie theatre.

Re: July 31st recap

Sports Reporter (SR)

outlawz & force
Home town battle refs .

Im more then likely going to get my a$$ chewed for this by my coaches but I dont care. I am getting sick and tired of hearing about "bad refs". If we were not going by 3 different rule books then it might be easier for correct calls to happen. In both of our home games we had just about the same amount of penalties called on us if not more. The so called "safety" was not even close, check the film. And the "pick 6" was clearly a block in the back. Havent looked at the Force game yet but just from being in the game I know we had like 8 personal fouls. Now thats not "home town refs". In both of those games we held both teams in check. Congrats to the Pirates for rebounding nicely and if the opportynity presents itself should we both make the playoffs what a match up that would be. Good luck to the Force as they can definetly play ball. However as players we do not control refs and while they can change a game with a "bad call" athletes perservere and if you are the better team the score 99.9% of the time reflects that. I'm not saying that some calls didnt go our way, I mean come on that happens to everyone. Those are the things that you just play through. Good luck to everyone the rest of the season.

Re: July 31st recap

i couldnt have put it better myself joe lets prove em wrong this week